Has Anyone Traveled/Lived Long-term in a Van or RV in Central-South America or Europe?

I’ve lived and traveled in both a van and RV for several years at a time in western USA, and I’d like to continue a similar lifestyle in other countries. I like sleeping in nature close to the earth with plenty of fresh air as well as in my own bed while being a nomad! I’m just wondering how people do it in other countries, especially Central and South America, but also in Europe and possibly Eastern European countries and Russia. I’ve been reading about some people’s accounts of traveling by van in some countries, but I’d like to hear what anyone else’s experiences have been - especially recently. I’d be happy to share how I do it here in the USA. Thanks! Jyoti

Hi Jyoti,
Currently I am travelling around Spain in my van on my time off. I have been into the mountains, and also around the beach, with stops in between. I use free4night app to do this and so far (touch wood) I have not had any issue, in fact - I have no curtains in my van and never awoken to anyone peering inside. (my ultimate nightmare). Spain is so diverse and such a wonderful country that i will have many more happy times here as I travel slowly around Europe.


Thank you for sharing, Simon. It’s good to know you are enjoying van camping and travel in Europe - and the app you’re using to find places to park.

I lived in a VW van for 3 years in Australia when I became homeless. Parked in supermarket parking areas or council property, used public swimming pools for showers (they charge $1.00-2.00 to use the bathrooms for a shower usually) and washed clothes at laundromats.

As long as you don’t look wealthy people tend to leave you alone.

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