Has Anyone Used Mercan Properties?

We are looking at making a 280K euro investment in one of Mercan’s hotels to get a Golden Visa.

Has anyone actually worked with Mercan to successfully get the visa? I’ve seen many people say they are starting to work with them, but no one says they got it. I’ve asked Mercan for references, but they say they can’t provide them due to privacy concerns.

I’d like to validate that Mercan is a reliable investment before transferring a large sum of money.

Any information is much appricated!


hi emann,
had you make an investment eventually in Mercan’s hotels, I am thinking of investing with them too

There are some other threads discussing Mercan’s program that you may want to dig through. On the search button (the little handheld magnifying glass) type “Mercan” and you can read to your heart’s content.