Mercan & Portugal Homes - any experience with these companies?


I have been exploring options for the Portugal GV via the 280K property option. I have contacted two companies Mercan & Portugal Homes. Anyone here has any experience with these two companies? Any tips, suggestions?


There is a mailing list for people interested in Mercan here: La Vida Golden Visa vs Mercan Group

have any of these mercan hotel projects actually been constructed or started construction?

The website looks like it was launched only last year. I’ve been researching GV options for a few years and have received lots of literature on different hotel type investment options from various promoters. But whenever I google the names of some of these hotels (even the ones from 2 years ago), nothing ever comes up except GV websites. Wondering if any of them actually ever get built.

I had the same question. I tried to find any record of their new projects and the only hits I got were their own website in other countries.