Has anyone worked with D7Visa.com? cultural route to GV?

Has anyone worked with this company, just trying to determine if legitimate route for the golden visa via cultural investment.
Thank you!

No experience with that company. If you go with them, I think everyone would appreciate you sharing your experience.

When I was exploring my investment options a few years back, I asked about the cultural investment and was told that no one had obtained a GV using that route. I canโ€™t confirm that is or was the case, but it may be correct (or there may be an exceedingly small number of GVs via cultural investment). If you look at the Statistics, since 2012, there have been a total of 11,921 GV investors with 10,874 in RE and 1,025 in capital transfer (which I believe is investment funds and bank accounts). Assuming this data is correct, and that I am reading it correctly, that leaves 22 permits from other sources (job creation, investment in business, and others). Unless these stats donโ€™t capture the cultural visa, it would certainly seem to be a small niche.

I spoke to one ARI holder who did the cultural heritage path. And I am awaiting pre-approval for the same.

Few people do it because you donโ€™t get your money back.