Cultural Production D7 Visa from 200k...Legitimate?

I came across a new firm offering investments in film funding to qualify for a golden visa:

Has anyone explored this route? Is there a means of assessing if the associated lawyers are reputable?

Many thanks for any inputs and perspectives.

So, you are going to give EUR200k to a production company to make a film. You’re going to hope that it really has been pre-sold and that all the pre-purchasers will cough up. You are going to also hope that the film comes in on time and on budget. And it’s going to make so much that they can afford to pay you 4% while still making a bundle of money themselves.


Forget about whether the lawyers are reputable. It sounds like you’re betting on the film producer. Which means you probably need to know something about film production in order to evaluate the product.

The guarantee doesn’t sound worth the paper it’s written on. Well, maybe that.

It’s also unclear why this option is so much faster than the real estate option. Same visa, after all. Unless you assume it takes forever to find and buy real estate.


In some ways this could be a good way to go . But I would consider it more in the donation category . The “fastest” assertion comes from back when sef was not processing GVs except that you could still submit artistic GVs


Check out SEF’s guidance on the Cultural Heritage / Artistic Support program stream, along with details on its legal basis, here: