Portugal Golden Visa - Art Investment

Hello, I’m interested in the 200 - 250k art investment (e.g. feature film) option and would like to know if anyone has any experience with this. How do I find lawyer who has experience in this route?

Hi, I don’t have a lawyer reference, but I know an actor who might be interested in working with you on a feature film project. If of interest to you, I’ll chat to him and share contact.

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My wife and I are one of the few people doing the Arts investment path. In fact, if we get approved, we might be only the second visa approved for this path; I would guess definitely in the first five, at most. There certainly are not a lot of people who want to just give away their money, but we liked the idea of supporting a local art museum in the country giving us this opportunity.

It is important to note that all projects receiving visa money need to be pre-approved by the government, so you can’t simply give $250k to a local filmmaker and call it a day. This makes it somewhat important to either choose a recipient with pre-approved projects, or be ready to extend your timeline quite a bit while your desired recipient (if they are willing to deal with the government) receives approval.

PM me if you want a referral to our lawyer. They handled the first-ever approval for the Arts investment path, and have so far seemed like they know what they are doing. But we haven’t even received pre-approval yet, so I don’t have a lot to base that on other than our experience to this point, and speaking to the first recipient of the visa on this path. He gave a glowing review.


How long have you been waiting for pre-approval? Are timelines similar for art vs real estate vs etc?

We only finished applying in late Oct for me, early Nov for my wife. Lawyer said the first Arts visa took longer because there was no process in place yet, but the government used the application to setup the process. So our donation recipient already had projects approved for this purpose.

Our lawyer expects our application to be merely as slow as everyone elses… :sweat_smile:

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