Investment in Arts & Culture GV in 2024?

Hi all, it’s been difficult to find applicants that have gone the Arts & Culture investment route (€250,000 regular/€200,000 in low-density areas), so I’m posting to see if anyone would be willing to share their stories.

Additionally, even if this is not the route you took, what are your thoughts on it in 2024, given the recent legal/electoral changes in the country? For context, I’m a US citizen looking for a long-term option for an EU residency and citizenship. If the process takes 5-9 years, I don’t mind, as long as it works out in the end.

The question, of course, is if the Arts & Culture pathway is at all realistic for these purposes. :slight_smile: If you have any lawyer recommendations for this specific pathway, I’m all ears too!

Many thanks!

Why do you think it could be unrealistic? It’s a legit option. E.g. @ohbee pursued it. If he’d recommend it is another question, of course.

It’s good to have realistic expectations. However, 5-9 years is on the optimistic side. I’d say 8-11 would be more of a realistic ballpark.

I know EDGE has helped some people with this GV path. I’d start with them.

I don’t see why you’d throw your money away if you have the option between this and the investment option. Plenty of relatively good open ended funds available, I think. More monetary commitment but you get something out of it, rather than essentially burning all that money


We used EDGE because of their experience with the cultural pathway, but I haven’t been super impressed with them. Granted, most of that disappointment is probably with ARI itself, but I have had better lawyering experiences (all in the USA and not flat-rate, however.)

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Mostly because I’ve struggled to find even a single person who managed to get a residency through it, coupled with some mentions of the path being not well-trodden and the process for it thus not being established. Would be great to know they exist, even if they aren’t online!

I suppose this depends in large part whether the latest immigration law change RE: residency application wait time counting toward residency requirement for citizenship covers GV applicants (and from the moment the application is actually filed, not biometrics)?

It’s mostly about locking up 2x the capital. I won’t say that by saving EUR 250-300k I’ll fully make up the EUR 200-250k loss because of some sagacious investments, but once you factor in today’s taxes to be paid on liquidating enough capital to get ~500k liquid, it ends up being at least a wash. (I’m on the younger side and in a higher tax bracket atm).

As for the EDGE recommendations, thanks folks, seems like a worthwhile start!

Locking up 500 is exactly why we donated 250. paid for it with a pledged asset line and then paid that off over time.

And then I sold my company and it didnt matter anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

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