Hi From Australia -soon to be Mexico

Hi, I’m Adrienne and I have lived most of my life in Australia. My partner and I are tired of the rat race and want to try the digital nomad lifestyle in Mexico. I have a background in writing and editing, so will dabble in that after I’ve had a couple of months chilling out by the beach, catching up on reading books and listening to podcasts. :beach_umbrella:
My favourite podcasts are true crime (eg Morbid), science (Skeptics Guide to the Universe) and humour (my Dad Wrote a Porno and Saucy Meatballs).
My fave places in the world are:

  • Honolulu (expensive, but heaps to do)
  • Montreal (French yummy food + Canadian food = I had to walk a lot!)
  • Basel, Switzerland (clean, cute and generally nice vibe)

I freak out when someone speaks to me in anything other than English, so I will be challenging myself by trying out Spanish. I remember bursting out crying in a German bakery because I couldn’t pronounce the pumpkin seed bread thingee.
I like NomadGate because it has up-to-date information on essentials like banking and immigration. It is useful to me also to learn from experiences of others.

Where in Mexico do you think you might head to? Lake Chapala, near Guadalajara, has a lot of English-speakers. Here’s the name of a lawyer in that area that helps a lot of gringos with immigration issues. https://www.chapalalaw.com/

Hello Adrienne,

Congratulations on an excellent choice of country to relocate to. Take a look at Querétaro and Mérida as possible cities to ease you into Mexico. Regardless of where in Mexico you go to, you will be sure to have lots of fun and be sure to bring a pair of walking shoes as you will be walking off lots of great meals…

Enjoy and take lots of pictures