Canadian on a decade-long working tour

Hello fellow Nomads!

My name is David. My wife and I are Canadians, and two years ago she had the great opportunity of her lifetime to work for the UN. It has taken us first to Nairobi, Kenya and in the coming years we may be located at UN agency offices in Paris, The Hague, New York or Santiago de Chile.

I found this group searching for ways to operate my Canadian businesses by remote: banking is a key challenge. I contract my personal consulting services through my company, and also through it handle long-term clients we’ve serviced with multilingual translation project management.

I also have a startup Enduata Green Capital Corp., focused on enabling householders to invest for beneficial climate and eco impact (and profit) right in their own communities. We have two pilot projects, one in Canada and another in developing Kenya. We’ll launch our website when both these pilots are established.

While we are abroad, my wife and I are investing in a small intentional community in our hometown, and will retire there after our globetrotting days are done. When I say ‘globetrotting’ I don’t mean we intend to always be flying around…just moving from global city to global city for her work, and usually then just bicycling around from there!