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A community only feels like one when you get to know your fellow members. So please take a couple minutes to introduce yourself here, and welcome your fellow members!

Write a bit about what you do :woman_technologist:, what makes you tick :heart_eyes_cat:, list some of your favorite places :desert_island:, recommend a book :books: or podcast you like :speech_balloon:—or anything else you’d like to share!

Welcome to the Nomad Gate community!
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I’ll go first!

I’m Thomas, and I usually go by @tkrunning online. I’ve been more or less nomadic since the end of 2010, and completely location-independent since 2013.

I’ve worked remotely both as a marketing consultant and for a venture backed startup helping people find their ideal cities and actually getting there. Currently my main focus is sharing everything I’ve learned through Nomad Gate, helping as many of you as possible achieve your location-independent dreams!

Some of my favorite places:

  • Lisbon :bridge_at_night:
  • Galapagos :turtle:
  • Berlin :dancing_men:
  • Black Rock City :fire:

The book I have recommended the most: The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt

(Sarah) #4

Hi y’all! Excited to be here!

I’m Sarah :wave: and I’ve been traveling for three years now while working remotely as a copywriter. I first found Nomad Gate last year when trying to find a better bank account, and actually met @tkrunning in Berlin in June.

My top spots include Bali, Buenos Aires and New York.

I love listening to podcasts, and lately my favorite has been Science Vs. Check it out!

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Hi @sarah—thanks for joining the community! Where are you these days?

(Jake) #6

Hi there! I’m Jake, Aussie, but have lived abroad for a few years now mostly in SEA. Will try Europe soon. For work I do freelance front-end development, but I try to get away from my laptop as much as possible. You’re more likely to find me surfing or hiking :wink:

A good book I recently read was Algorithms to live by:

Excited to get to know you all!

(dreaman) #7

Hi 4 all, i’m Baldur. I love music, so i create it, i hope one day i can release my new album…=). Finished backend php curses right nw :drooling_face: going to Gym nw, 6 days i do programs next 6 days i rest. I like good girls, fast cars, summer time lolz… I liked book “The art of making money”, Cheers to all, love ya :star_struck:

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Welcome to the community @inf! Great to have you here :slight_smile:

(Paul Arnesen) #9


I am Paul from :norway:. I have been travelling around the world since 2008 :older_man:, mostly as a student :man_student:, but lately as a freelancer :computer:.

My main occupation is SEO and digital marketing to an agency I run with my brothers :muscle:, Flaneur Web Solutions. I have since May 2017 been heavily engaged in online privacy :closed_lock_with_key: and I am currently project managing one companies GDPR compliancy.

Today I am in the process of settling in Lisbon :portugal:, but travel occasionally to Thailand :thailand: to work from there as well.

My all time favorite book is Marcus Aurelius - Meditations :raised_hands:

(Thomas K. Running) #10

Welcome mate, and thanks for using so many emojis :smiley: :raised_hands: :heart:

For everyone else, if you have any questions relating to GDPR @PaulArnesen is the guy to go to! :+1:

(Miha Rekar) #11

Hi, everyone :wave:

Great to be here. I’ll just copy/paste what I’ve put in the signup form:

:man_technologist: Software Developer
:business_suit_levitating: International Speaker
:man_teacher: Meetup Organizer
:coffee:️ Home Barista
:running_man: Long(er) Distance Runner
:camera: Event Photographer
:unicorn: Special
:man_shrugging: Not necessarily all at once

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Great to have you here @miha! :tada:

(Nicolás Arias) #13

Hey people. I’m Nicolás, from Argentina! Web developer (mainly JavaScript, client/server). I started travelling in 2014, but with some pauses in between. Right now I’m in Russia but going to SEA this month.
I love Internet, so I work coding stuff and I code stuff in my free time. I love to learn stuff, and read random stuff. Favourite places so far: Colombia (the whole thing!), Lisbon, Rome and Moscow.
Not sure what book to recommend…


(Lewis Smith) #14

I’m an iOS developer and a bit of an Apple fanboy. I feel very lucky to be earning a living in the App Store. My favourite non-tech podcast is Hello Internet and my favourite place is probably New Zealand, although I love Thailand and Istanbul too. I’d love to go back to New York and Paris.

(Thomas K. Running) #15

Welcome @ezakto & @lewis!

@ezakto: Definitely agree on Lisbon :portugal: and Colombia :colombia:!
@lewis: I’m actually heading to Istanbul :tr: in January and New Zealand :new_zealand: in either February or March. Any recommendations?

(Jure Brkinjač) #16

I love the Happiness Hypothesis!

(Jure Brkinjač) #17

I’m Jure, originally from Slovenia. I’ve been traveling, living, working, and investing internationally since 2011. I’m currently living in Santiago, Chile, building a startup. I love roadtrips (car or motorcycle). Drove the length of Vietnam on a motorcycle twice (south-north and north-south).

Some of my favorite places are Bangkok, Vietnam (so many places, mostly in the countryside), Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Cartagena, the Croatian coast… and countless places in Europe!

One of my favorite books is Tai Pan.

If anyone is in Chile at any time, definitely hit me up.

(Anne Dorko) #18

I’m Anne, originally from California but currently in Germany. This is actually the longest I’ve stayed in one place for a while (got a visa while my girlfriend finishes college), and I’m working on diversifying and increasing my/our incomes so we’re ready to travel regularly again by the end of next year. I’ve been full time freelancing for over two years now, but have been regularly nomadic since January 2011.

In addition to 48 of the 50 US states, I’ve been to Europe, Southeast and East Asia, as well as Australasia. I’ve really enjoyed my time here Germany (and learning a second language), but New Zealand was seriously a stunner. Probably the coolest personal experience I had was scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, and the accomplishment I’m most proud of is a 30 day solo bicycle tour between San Diego and Salt Lake City.

As for books and podcasts… One of my top favorite books is Impact Equation by Chris Brogan.

(DMITRIY ) #19

Hello! my name is Dmitriy. I am originally from Ukraine, but have been living on Cyprus for the last to years. I found Nomad Gate when I decided to start ecommerce business in Europe and it gave me a number of ideas that I can be more location independent.

I currently read 2 books that I both strongly advise
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F****
and Principles by Ray Dalio

(dreaman) #20

Sarah you are very welcome here! Love :love_letter: