Introduce yourself! 👋

(Thomas K. Running) #21

Welcome @khlopkovm, @anne and @jure! :wave:

(Lewis Smith) #22

For Istanbul, it’s worth installing Foursquare if you don’t use it already. It’s HUGE in Turkey and you can get a lot of good recommendations on there. Also eat some Çiğ köfte and take a trip or two to the Asian side.

For New Zealand, if you can afford the time, hire or buy a camper van and travel around in that. Such a great way to see the Islands.

(Thomas K. Running) #23

Thanks! Foursquare is a great tip, I’ll definitely use that.

And I’ll definitely also try Çiğ köfte. It looks pretty good:

I’m not sure how long I’ll have in New Zealand, but even if I end up catching the Naked Bus instead of getting a camper van I’d definitely try to explore a bit of both the north and the south island.

(Alexis Caporale) #24

Hiiiiii all!
I’m from Argentina and currently 28 years old.
I’ve just stepped out as the CEO of Trimaker, the leading 3D printing company of Latin America that develops & designs technology in Buenos Aires, manufactures in China and distributes around the world. I’m part of the Sandbox global community of young disruptors and help hundreds of entrepreneurs in finding a business model, making a sustainable company, business development, commercial challenges, fund raising, team building and get sh!t done since 2012.
Although I’ve always been a tech entrepreneur, I have a background on engineering, energy and climate change. I’ve decided that I want to be seriously involved in and dedicated to community development, ecosystem regeneration :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:and climate change. And, to be honest, I just don’t know enough about it. I understand some of the theory, but I’m quite far from the practice. I’m starting a immersive trip to discover where I can help the most.
In February 2018 I’m going to do Google Street View on Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica :heart_eyes:.
On March 31st me and my girlfriend have a one way flight to Sydney :scream::scream::scream:
We’re looking forward to get a remote job (no idea how) and discover Australia and New Zealand’s way of living.

(Nique Devereaux) #25

I am the person who likes to make projects better using gamification techniques. Yes, I’m a gamer who is interested in going to Korea, Japan, and the EU. If you know of any other areas where eSports is HOT, just add that to my list :slight_smile:

Currently, I am a writer for GameDevJon --> the blog is just getting started so if you are interested in game development check it out. My first article will tell you how to get started in game development and should go live in a few days.

I’m so glad to be here, I need to meet more digital nomads. I am the only person in my circle who has such a life goal and I need peers!

Thanks for having me and I am looking forward to getting to know the community.

(Nique Devereaux) #26

Good luck with your trip to Sydney. They say the only way to achieve a goal is to set a date and meet it.

By the way, are there any gamers in your sandbox of disruptors?

(Nique Devereaux) #27

Do you put some of your photography work on unSplash? I’d love to see some of your shots.

(Ruairi) #28

Hi all, I’m Ruairi - originally Irish, brought up in South Africa and have been travelling and working abroad pretty much my entire adult life. I spent nearly a decade based in London and travelling Europe, have been based in Asia for the past 3 years now and take every opportunity to travel when I can. Favourite places: Japan :jp:and Germany :de:overall, but specifically Hokkaido, Kyoto, Osnabruk, Berlin, Galway, Glasgow and the Magaliesburg or Drakensburg in Southern Africa.
If you’re looking for me, try anywhere there is live music, stand up comedy or on the slopes!

(Thomas K. Running) #29

Welcome @alexiscaporale, @LoptrSigyn and @go_ruairi! :slight_smile: Great to have you all here :tada:

(Jonathan) #30

Hi gang,

I run an incubator FX Fund and love to skydive! Hola!

I love to travel, have travelled extensively in Asia, Europe and Africa. Based in Melbourne, Australia - which is always a great city to come home to.

I’m also reading Dalio - Principles. Amazing, worth picking up.

Have some weird and wonderful offshore challenges, many of which involve financial regulations and banking.

Thanks for having me in the forum

(dreaman) #31

You are very welcome bro :heart_eyes: nice being here :sparkles:

(dreaman) #32

WB bro :tada: you are welcome in our team :star_struck:

(dreaman) #33

Cheers to joinin us :man_technologist:

(Luke Stutters) #34

I am Luke, I have a small software business and travel a lot for work. I’ve been away more than home for two years so I guess that makes me an involuntary nomad!

(Ian Leighton) #35

Ian Leighton, designer originally from SF. Founded a startup and then worked at Apple most recently, now a combination of learning, projects, travel, and freelance work… but nothing paid yet.

Installing a home base in Lisboa at the end of the year. I love to travel slowly, but while nomadic, I miss having access to tools and machines to build things.

The Master and Margarita starts slowly, but is a fantastic read.

(Boris Yakimov) #36

Hello Everyone,

My name is Boris, I am 30 years old from Bulgaria. Working in the Tech field for the past 9 years, recently DevOps/Cloud stuff - currently doing some projects in Stuttgart, Germany. Love playing video games, reading books, and traveling. I have not been a freelancer before but am very interested in location independent services and solutions, as well as other people’s freelance experiences.


(Bernard Lim) #37

Heyyyyy Guys! My name is Bernard Lim from Singapore. Currently a financial planner in SIngapore, and studying a part-time degree university course! Love to write poems and short stories, read books about history and politics and psychology. Haven’t done any paid freelance work yet, but I love the digital nomad lifestyle!

Base is in Singapore, but hot damn I love to travel!

Currently reading 1984 by George Orwell.

(Michael Smith) #38

Hi All,

I’m Michael from Australia and am currently living in Belgrade, Serbia and my partner and I intend to spend the next 12 months travelling around all of Europe. We are both retired!
My favourite places are;
Novi Sad
Port Douglas

Maybe we’ll meet some of you on our travels… I hope so:-):sunglasses:


(Roli) #39

Greez to all :wave:

I’m Roland originally :switzerland: but living abroad second time now for about one year.
Worked as an Air Traffic Controller :airplane: in Zurich and Dubai but changed into Flight Procedure Design and Pans-Ops.

I’m living at the moment in the Ukraine because of :heart: and doing consultancy.

We look forward to move soon to a warmer place :sun_with_face: as we both don’t like the
cold :snowman_with_snow: that much.

I have been to many European countries from North to South and West to East was several times in the USA and visited also some Asian countries.
Australia and New Zealand are still on the to do list.

TK Running I found because of searching a possibility to open Bank account in the UA.

See ya

(Bruno) #40

Hello, I’m Bruno.

I discovered this site while searching for a better European bank account. I’m an embedded software developer and I’ve started working remotely as a freelancer this year. I’m currently living in Brazil :grin:

I like hiking, discovering new places, challenges for example like this one I did recently:

I’m watching closely the cryptocurrency revolution that is in progress, and am curious about how it will shape the world.

Some good things are already coming out of it, like the Brave browser ( which is the fastest browser I’ve ever used and it allows you to block ads automatically AND you can fund the sites you visit the most automatically with cryptocurrency. I don’t work for them, I just really dislike how the web has become slow and ad-ridden and I find this alternate model very interesting and hope it catches on!