The best places for digital nomads in Europe (any suggestions?)


(Jenny R) #1

Hi everyone! I’m Jenny, I’ve lived, studied and worked in Odense, Denmark, Budapest, Hungary, Naples, Italy and currently I am living with my boyfriend - also a digital nomad more or less - in Athens. We are considering to explore new destinations in Europe. Any suggestions from your experience?
We are interested in cheap/medium prices for living, good availability of services (shopping etc.), close to busy airports (we love travelling), internet availability (we are translators and writers, so we don’t need extra fast internet) and, of course, rich culture and enjoyable local lifestyle.
I’ve checked some blogs, which suggest Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Belgrade, Sofia, Prague, Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona, Tbilisi…

(Thomas K. Running) #2

My personal favorites include Lisbon :sunny:️ and Berlin :dancing_women: (only summer), so can definitely vouch for those! :+1:

(Alise ) #3

I agree about Berlin, it is great… but only in spring and summer! :rofl: I speak from my experience spending there 2 summers and 1 winter. Autumn and winter is so depressing there, all grey and gloomy!:grimacing:

(Amadeusz Annissimo) #4

Berlin + Lisbon (for colder months) is a great combo, if you prefer to stay in Europe. Btw. winters in Berlin are not too terrible. Not so good weather is decently compensated by more work/professional events (meetups). Also, there are tons of cheap flight connections to other cities, so you can easily fly for a weekend to the South of Europe. I’d give Berlin a shot if I were you - the city is changing very rapidly (becoming less affordable), so this may be the last chance ever to experience “Poor but sexy” Berlin.

(Jenny R) #5

Thanks, @amadeann! That sounds really good :sunglasses:

(Jenny F) #6

If I head out in the next 2 yrs (cross your fingers) I’ll be headed straight for Eastern Europe. Enjoy them while they’re still cheap and ‘trendy’. You’ve already done Budapest, so why not Belgrade? A lot of the online advertisements and housing documents can be found in English.

(Apostólis) #7

Hi Jenny, I’d suggest Czech republic definitely. Either Prague, which is a gorgeous , diverse and full of possibiliities capital or Brno, which is more quiet, full of young people (9 universities) and full of parks and green all around, 1, 5hrs from Vienna and Bratislava airports, 2 hours from Prague

(Jenny R) #8

Many thanks for the ideas, @jenny1 and @aoistv!:grin:

(Mario) #9

Take a look at what Romania has to offer as well.
Rich historical heritage in cities such as Sibiu and Brașov, amazing nature all-around, ridiculously cheap and fast internet, plus Sibiu has an airport and another one in Cluj-Napoca is not far away :slight_smile: