Bansko, Bulgaria as a base

I visited Bansko, Bulgaria last summer and was very impressed by many aspects of this town and Bulgaria, so much I am currently planning of moving my residency and incorporate there.

Cost of setting up business is <$900, with 10% corporate + 5% dividend tax, and it’s easy to get residency and bank account.

Bansko is a ski-town during the winter but very quiet during summers bringing prices down, attracting nomads. There is still plenty of restaurants and businesses open. Apartments are in the plenty and a 1 bedroom or studio and go for €150-250 a month during the summer season.

What’s really helpful is the “Co-working Bansko” nomad community around this place which gives you access to a huge community of 100+ location independent expats/nomads/business owners (on site), helpful staff when it comes to residency/incorporation and a resource bank of information.

CoWorking Bansko Wiki: with information like:
Buying an apartment in Bansko

Becoming a resident of Bulgaria

Setting up a business in Bulgaria

It’s also incredible affordable to buy property in this small ski town:

Here I share some personal photos I shot during my time there… and man… those mountains, fresh air and water just makes me want to go back soon!

Let me know if anyone have more information or experience of Bulgaria as a base, or have any general questions for me.


Bansko is a really nice and cost effective place in europe, its great place to meet other nomads and rent is cheap and so is food, i would recommend it to all


Really beautiful thanks for sharing :pray::star_struck::pray:


I lived in Bulgaria for three years. I can recommend Georgia as a friendly alternative.

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What can you say is the benefits of Georgia compared to Bulgaria. And which city in Georgia do you recommend? :slight_smile:

Nice, thanks for sharing. If anyone has experience with mountain biking :mountain_biking_man: there I’d be very interested to hear it. I’m always on the lookout for this kind of location.