Cities with resonable rental costs

Hi Guys,

I’m a bit footloose and fancy free as regards where I can live and work.
Anyhow, I’m thinking Poland or Estonia in the future. Any suggestions in Europe for genuinely less expensive cities?


Budapest and Sofia.

Thanks Duncan. I’ll look into them. Currently in Lisbon, but find it actually quite expensive.

You could think about Georgia and especially Kutaisi. Wizzair will take you all over Europe. No tax on pension income. Cheap for most everything e.g. taxi fares from around 50 cents so no need for a car if living in the city.


I am in Serbia. I work from a small village. (I am married to a Serb from the U.S.)But the cities are low priced. You can find accommodations online and check it out. The country is gorgeous, and the food is great. I’m not a Serb, so that is an unbiased opinion. The internet here is good in cities and towns. Look for FB goups that can guide you to what you want in each city you are checking out in any country. Best of luck.


Cheers Tina. Never been to Serbia but sounds fascinating.

It’s stunning. We just drove up the Danube 2 weeks ago. There are Roman ruins and tons of brilliant historical stuff. Plus it was occupied by the Turks for ages so there is quite an overlap of Asian and European influence. Don’t tell the Serbs. They hate to hear that. :wink:


Cool!! How is spoken English there, and ease of living.

I am sure English is more widely spoken in the cities. There is a Facebook group called Belgrade foreign visitors club with lots of expat members. I think the people there would be able to help you with lots of questions. I have a different experience as I am married to a Serb. You may also want to check out Novi Sad and Nis. I am sorry, I don’t have much more info.

Note about Budapest, Hiungary is getting very right-wing and not as friendly to outsiders as it used to be. Many nomads have left.

I have been in Sofia since March 1st. Very, very inexpensive. Easy to live at or under 1k USD per month.

Thanks for the info. Are you speaking the lingo?

Easy to get by with English.

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I spent the last three months of 2019 in Lisbon thought it was expensive as well. I then moved onto Istanbul for a few months before coming to Sofia, Bulgaria in March. Coronavirus lockdown started here in early March. Feel fortunate to be here. Small population, people follow rules, good food, services, Internet and Inexpensive.

I exteded my stay and while a ton of people complain about the process on google maps, I found it to be like anyother bureaucracy. After six visits, I was approved! I’ll be here for six months and this is the longest I’ve been at any one spot for five years.

English and Kindness are enough to get by and live a good life. Basic Bulgarian like thank you, delicious, etc. get’s you a smile.

Very interesting. Thanks for the info. Lisbon has great weather and a beautiful city, with the bonus of being in the EU.
Might look at Bulgaria at some point indeed.

Just an FYI- Bulgaria is in the EU. It’s not yet a Schengen country which for me (USA Passport) is helpful. Good weather, beauty and well… everything is in our own head. I like Lisbon also. I’m not a home base person so I bounce a lot. Safe travels…

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Hi! I am planning a move to Lisbon… Can you tell me a little bit more on what you find expensive? Much appreciated, Manuela

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Hi Manuela. Im talking about lisbon.
I’d say most things are quite expensive. Groceries mainly. Everything from peanut butter to honey, from razor blades to fruit and veg. The options of brand choice are all very slim. I know it sounds petty, but if you are used to maintaining a strict diet it can be a struggle. The only supermarket options are Continente and Pingo Dolce, and both of these are not great. I get things (mainly supplements) shipped from the UK, because I can’t get them here.
In some ways, people in the UK and Germany are spoilt for choice. Restaurants can also be expensive. I had to look hard for reasonable prices.
Renting is not cheap either. I’m paying 600 euro a month in a shared house, and the standard is low.

I dont know your situation. Are you moving from south America? The positives here is its quiet, safe, and sunshine. Dont believe anybody that says Its cheap here, because that’s far from the truth.

Hi @rbairoid, may I ask in which area of Lisbon you live?

Yes Bulgaria is good. Sofia is ok, Plovdiv is smaller but in many ways, the centre is much better, very good actually. Rent near the centre, within 6-9 minutes walk, can be EUR 200 a month or a little less. If you check out Bulgaria its best to avoid or ignore the commotion of the Black Sea coast…very glitzy cheap tourism resorts proliferate. BG is generally pretty good all round, and the income and investment gains and income taxes ares less than 10% (flat 1% tax rate, personal and corporate, less small allowances) . Also if your thinking non-EU europe then you could check out Tirana (Albania) and head down to Sarande (but not in July and August because its party boom town and packed). Rest of the year is pretty good, a little rainy from Jan to March, but always warm semi-tropical, and with world beating fresh fish and mussels. Rent is Sarande in the off season is about EUR 150-20 / month with lots of options, and there are cheap short term stay solutions while you are arranging your rent.