Montenegro: An Opportunity?

(Jase Rodley) #1

I tend to get a bit tired of hearing about heading to the same old places, so let’s kick off a conversation about somewhere not regularly discussed: Montenegro.

I first heard about the country from a friend (who grew up there) who said “it’s like Croatia, but it’s cheaper and with a lot fewer tourists”. Doesn’t sound terrible, right?

Check nomadlist though, and it doesn’t seem so great, with air quality especially letting the place down, but like most metrics it doesn’t tell the whole story. I have friends (and my developer) living there full time - it’s like many coastal places, where it just takes a good breeze to make things right again.

Similarly, they say that it’s a bad place to be for females, but solo female travellers I know loved the country, and my friend has just settled down in Podgorica to stay full time. If anything, the roads are probably the dangerous part.

Podgorica that is, the city described as “the most boring in Europe” yet seems to increasingly be on others’ radars, no doubt due to increased international flights.

Cost of living is fairly reasonable but can absolutely be affected by where you’re planning to live/stay. For those putting down roots though, low taxes help bring that cost of living down significantly
with those earning “outside money” paying around 11%. I say around as, it’s a bit more complicated than a round number like that, but a low number all the same.

Best of all at least for me at this point in my life is, property isn’t insanely priced right now. Don’t get me wrong, the prices have definitely gone up in the last few years, but there are still bargains to be had. I could see myself buying some property for a small hobby farm (and others I know have gone bigger, buying farmland as investments that cashflow well for them).

If you’re a sucker for old stone and buildings with character (which I am), it’s hard not to dream about restoring an old ruin (and probably going broke :sweat_smile:).

But, the challenge after coming from Andorra is the internet. Fixed internet in Montenegro is about 1/3 the speed of Andorra, and there’s not a whole lot of free wifi around. But the good news is the mobile speeds are really decent.

So who’s been? Who likes the place? Who hated it? Why?

If you haven’t, is it on your list? Does anyone on NG live there or have a company there?


(Thomas K. Running) #2

That’s a great introduction, @jase! You’ve done a great job with Montenegro Guides as well :slight_smile:

I visited a few years ago, and I really liked it—especially the coast and the mountains.

Half a day in Podgorica was more than enough, so I’m inclined to agree with The Guardian there :joy:


(Jase Rodley) #3

It’s funny though, of the people I know who have settled there full time though, they’ve chosen Podgorica. I think there’s a “diamond in the rough” element to it that they begin to see after being in the country for a while.


(Duncan White) #4

Jase Rodley. I’m curious, too. Have a developer company contact in Tokyo, with his HQ company nearby in Skopje, Macedonia. Macedonia and Albania, also nearby, are still cheap I am told, and with able IT people, friendly culture.

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(Jase Rodley) #5

Eastern Europe in general is a great place to hire. I find the culture a good one - diligent, honest, hard working people who take pride in what they do. Now maybe that is just the engineers I’ve come across, but I know people with whole companies outsourced to nearby countries.

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