What are the best spots in Asia for nomads in 2018?

Hey, guys! I’m planning on spending some time in Asia from January 2018. :point_right::earth_asia:

It has been almost 4 years since I last spent any meaningful time there (more than a few weeks), so I’m not really that up to date on what places are recommended there for nomads these days.

My initial thoughts are to spend some time in the Philippines and Bali. But how is the latter now? Is it completely overrun by nomads?

I generally like warm climates, near the sea, potentially with some good dive spots nearby (but that’s just a bonus). :sun_with_face::desert_island::man_technologist: Any other ideas?

Hi TKrunning,

Great site - thanks for setting up. I’m sure it will be well received by the community.

RE: Asia - Thailand man. What a spot, still very doable at a reasonable cost. The country is filled with Ex-Pats, travellers and fascinating people from around the world. It’s central, an easy hub to travel to anywhere else in Asia and beyond.

Bangkok is easily my favourite city in Asia, with so many colourful pockets, amazing food, a growing business community and wifi most areas. Massages are the best in the world and very inexpensive.

Accommodation can vary from $5 per night to $100’s - but the value is excellent whichever way you turn. AirBnB has a strong following in BKK as well, with awesome value apartments for long-term rent. Someone I met also uses a business office membership (not sure what it is) which gives him global access to business spaces around the world for working. Apparently there are some great ones in BKK.

Good luck with it, and make sure you eat lots of street pad thai :slight_smile:

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Lithuania summer resort Palanga, healing city Druskininkai and new york times one of best place for living in future Vilnius :wink:

u can see sea in photo of my room really nice resort event in winter or in summer theres like paradise in earth ;)…

Another beautifull pic just made…autumn sea…what a beauty…

@inf Lithuania is great, but I’m pretty sure it’s not in Asia :wink:

yeap its middle of europe, but i just wanted to share this beauty with all forumers :slight_smile:

Bangkok is trully nice and fun, but I love Singapore. True, not as cheap but beautiful and clean

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Okinawa for diving, marine sports etc and Hokkaido for winter activity i.e. powder snow for skiing, in Japan.

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Yes. Japan, north to south is just lovely - if, if… you’re not working, esp. not working for
some company, school, bank, hotel, political party, anyone else. Just touring, with freedom,
at the pace of the seasons, it’s real, real nice.