Best Destinations Ever

What are your favourite destinations ever?
I travelled quite a lot so it’s hard to choose but 2 of my favourite are Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro.
Please share yours.

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Oh the planet we live on is amazing. I cannot pick one. But what I can do is pick the last place I fell in love with! Ometepe Island in Nicaragua is totally and utterly beautiful, filled with warm and welcoming native people, fresh organic vegetables and fruit, lovely hippies from all over the world, monkeys, natural springs, volcanos - the list goes on.
If I ever decide to settle down, OMetepe is on top of my list.
I am not done with Colombia though - there’s tons more to see there and I’m doing Europe for the next year and after that I will go to Colombia again. Loveliest people I ever met, it has snowclad mountains, white sandy beaches, deep jungle and more biodiversity than any other country in the world. And so many interesting weird places - like Guatapé - one of the safest and friendliest places on Earth - run by 3 druglords.
I love this nomad life and all the gifts in it <3

Really depends what I am after… you’ll normally find me on the beaches in SE Asia somewhere…

One of my best destinations to get away from everything is the Maldives… :desert_island:

My best destination ever is Philippines because of its stunning beaches, yummy cuisine, vibrant culture, and friendly people. :sparkling_heart:

I agree with the Philippines, but I tend to visit non-popular tourist destinations. My favorite so far is Caramoan Islands with their undeveloped beaches! You’ve got to do island-hopping to see them. :beach_umbrella:

In terms of my favorites, I really loved exploring South Korea and learning about the culture. Hong Kong had such a unique vibe. Thailand is just paradise - the food, beaches and people are wonderful.

In Europe, Paris totally stole my heart. Just the romantic atmosphere of the city alone is worth a visit. And Greece - wow, the history and natural beauty of islands like Santorini are unbelievable.

It is really hard to choose a Favourite one. If I had to put my money, I would put it on Japan