Where are you now? Picture edition

(Thomas K. Running) #1

Let’s play a little game… The rules are simple:

  • Post a picture of your view :camera_flash: (from your apartment, office, airplane window, coffee shop, wherever)
  • Tell us where you are :world_map:
  • If you’re traveling soon, tell us where to next :rocket:

Perhaps your path will cross with someone else. If it does, meetups are encouraged! :beers:

How can we use Nomad Gate to best facilitate IRL meet ups?
(Thomas K. Running) #2

Okay, I’ll go first.

I’m currently in Gzira, Malta :malta:. I will do a few short trips to Spain :es: and Portugal :portugal: over the next month, including to Madrid, Seville, and Valencia.

Let me know if you’re nearby!

(Simon Lindh) #3

Currently in Bangkok. Been around in Thailand for 2 month. Other Asian countries including Bali is next up.