How can we use Nomad Gate to best facilitate IRL meet ups?

(Lewis Smith) #1

Any thoughts?! I feel like this is actually slightly tougher than it sounds.


(Thomas K. Running) #2

It is indeed not an easy thing to do, especially at the current size of the community (a few thousand).

I do have imperfect location data for many members, so if anyone wants to initiate a meetup somewhere I can ping those who happen to be nearby, plus include info about the meetup in the newsletter, etc.

For planning different meetups we can of course use the Locations forum.

Another thought I had was to piggyback on other relevant meetups already being organized. Perhaps we could list relevant and Facebook groups for different locations, and then we could go together to those? :thinking:

Got any other ideas @lewis?

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(Thomas K. Running) #3

A first step, post in this topic: Where are you now? Picture edition

That way we can keep tabs on where people are.

Another idea could be to create a live community map, like with Teleport Sundial. It would require people to sign up for a Teleport account if they don’t already have one. The map would look like the one GitLab uses on their Team page.

Your location can be kept up to date by either using an app on your phone or Mac, or it will update whenever you browse to the map while being logged in to your Teleport account.

What do you think, would it be cool to do something similar for Nomad Gate?


(ualo) #4

Did this get any traction? :sunny:

You’d have to split it up by region?