South Korea Travel Planning - Tips for Seoul & Beyond as a Digital Nomad?

Hey everyone,

I’m planning a trip to South Korea in a few months. This will be my first time visiting, so I’m looking for any recommendations on places to visit as a digital nomad.

Right now I’m planning to base myself in Seoul - has anyone worked remotely from there before that has any tips? Good coworking spaces, neighborhoods, things to check out after hours?

I’d also love to explore outside the big cities if possible. Any other parts of Korea you recommend checking out if I have some extra time? Outdoor spots for hiking/relaxing would be especially great.

Let me know if any other nomads will be traveling there around March too. Would be cool to meet up.

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions! Looking forward to exploring a new country.

Checkout this Temple Stay in Seoul. I thonk they have coworking as well as accommodation

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Thanks so much for the recommendation! JustBe Templestay looks really cool.

I like that it’s located right in Hongdae, seems pretty convenient to be based in that area. Have you ever worked from there yourself or know anyone who has? Curious what the wifi/workspace situation is like.

Also, participating in some of the daily activities like yoga and meditation sounds like a great way to experience local culture. I’ll definitely be checking their calendar to see what’s on while I’m there.

Appreciate you sharing the tip. Places like this that blend coworking and accommodations are perfect for digital nomads. I’ll be sure to book a few nights if they have availability. Let me know if you have any other Seoul suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:

I like to stay in a quiet downtown of Anyang City. I take Seoul Subway Line 4 and get off to Pyeongchon Station, where it’s convenient to shop at E-mart. If you like mountain climbing, Anyang is surrounded by mountains on all four sides.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: These mountains are Gwanak Mountain and Samsung Mountain to the north, Suri Mountain to the southwest, and Cheongye Mountain and Morak Mountain to the other sides.

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Thanks for the tip about Anyang City, David. Staying in a quieter area yet still having easy access to Seoul does sound appealing. I’ll have to check out Pyeongchon Station.

I actually just came across a really informative guide about Seoul Tourism Statistics 2023: The Ultimate Guide | GoWithGuide Really thorough overview of top attractions, statistics on visitor numbers over the years. Also included things like weather trends to consider when planning.

It sounds like great hiking is really accessible from Anyang. Are there any trails in particular you’d recommend checking out while I’m in the area? I’m hoping to get some nature time in between working remotely.

How about ‘localstitch’ where I work as a digital nomad?

Maybe there’s all the space you want.