How do you stay motivated?

How do you hold yourself accountable when you have 100 different things going on? I’ve been working remotely as a digital nomad for almost a year now and I struggle to stay focused on everything I have on my plate and it can be super frustrating. Appreciate this community!

Stay organized (cant stress that enough) and set due dates w/ reminder on your TODOs…It’s ok when task come due to move them a day or two if needed. But if this starts to happen more often than you are not setting attainable goals and need to reassess…Also quarterly you should be evaluating your business model to stay on pace w/ a very dynamic business environment

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Thanks Jesse, really appreciate the reply here. Since it’s my own boss it’s really easy to let things slip. How do you hold yourself accountable at the end of the day?

Willpower and curiosity. At the end of the day those are the only things. I realized a few years back that I had forty more years of funds than life expectincy so I only take on jobs I want to solve.

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