Where to source remote working opportunities?


(Lukas Rieder) #1


serious question. I am a Freelancer since almost 10 years now, and I have already done a few projects where remote work was possible.
The majority of projects was requiring some sort of on-site commitment.

I am a consultant, developer and system engineer. And my career so far was built around the fact, that I have a fixed base that I operate out of, Berlin. I am and was engaged with many companies here, I am a regular at specific user groups, where people meet.

Now, that I am thinking about travelling more, but I want to keep working, I wanted to ask this community where do you source remote jobs?

I kind of need some input on the shift of paradigm, since I can no longer just go to a Meetup, and connect with people.

Cheers, Lukas

(Miss T) #2

Hey Lukas,

I think your own network is usually the best source. Especially given your extensive experience already. Post a clear invitation for new clients on your LinkedIn, and ask your network to share it.

Upwork can be good, although it’s not as easy as it used to be. It’s very competitive these days and jobs don’t always pay as well. But you could still get a few good jobs from it.
Try to be as fast as you can and apply first. Once you see there are 5+ applicants for a job move on. Save your tokens for another one because job posters feel overwhelmed and rarely consider more than five applications. If you would like some help navigating Upwork, check out Lewis Parrott.

Setting up your own social media accounts will also help. It is more of a long term strategy as it will take some time to build up, but I like this method because you can attract rather than chase clients.

Last but not least, I still end up cold calling on occasion or going to networking events around my topic and offering my services.

Hope that helps! Good luck on your journey. :slight_smile::+1:

Ter Ya