Which are the best online sites for jobs like writing, research and translating?


(Alise ) #1

Dear all, which sites do you use to look for this type of online jobs? I use Upwork and Fiverr and I’ve also looked into Damongo. Upwork seems to be much more active so far. Thanks in advance for your advice! :speech_balloon:

(asun) #2

You can try also Guru. I’ve been a translation freelancer for 6 yrs, first in Elance, that went on to merge with Odesk and became Upwork. It seems a lot of work is centralized in this one website.

(Krista) #3

I have seen a lot of opportunity on Upwork. I’m not a translator, but Fiverr just felt full of people trying to undervalue your work. Translating seems to be a great area to be working in right now. Depending on where you’re at (and if you speak dominant languages there of course), it might be worth checking with local schools/universities.