What are the best remote working sites?

(Jade) #1

While I’ve been enjoying freelancing it would be nice to find a more permanent gig. What sites would you recommend and why? I’m primarily looking for a role doing technical marketing/growth hacking stuff.

Thanks! :bowing_woman:

(Josh Cutler) #2

I think We Work Remotely is the largest one, but I know some people also using RemoteOK made by Peter Levels of Nomad List.

I’m sure there are more, so if anyone else has some experience to share, please do! :rocket:

(Nique Devereaux) #3

Honestly, you may want to package your talent up and give the game development world a go. A lot of marketing, event coordinating and public relations projects are contracted out. They have no issue with remote work and once you get a gig or two under you well…you’ll see.

I’d recommend doing some volunteer work at a major event like DreamHack or an eSports tournament with at least 5 sponsors. You can also look for Brand Ambassador groups on Facebook or get connected with an association. I’m starting with the GGDA, which lead to King’s Cup II (event coordinator was NCompass International) and now I can suggest you put together a workshop to meet others in the industry and let this guy pay for the pizza: https://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-wants-to-buy-your-meetup-group-pizza/

Mind you I realize you maybe out of the country but if you look you should find similar opportunities in your circle. I mean gaming is major overseas.

I hope this helps.

(Blonde) #4

Hiya @jad3
the areas that u are working is a bit non relevant, ‘marketing’ in remote work, if you mean by web-marketing, it is not a skill that everyone look for talent to employ u. But if you really know h@cking, so why not contacting h@cking groups to employ u? what skills in h@cking do u got? and how many website do you h@cked and its registered under your ID in ‘zone-h’ :sunglasses:

[I’m not advertising or promoting hacking :sunglasses: ]