Can someone tell good sites to work online,that pays good

:grinning:hello my name is paulo.i’m looking for online jobs that pay .

Hi Paulo. What are your skills? Where do you live?
This is a rather broad and open-ended question for this group without knowing anything about you. name is paulo pereira.i live in portugal.
i’m very good in manual work.i also work with computers and internet.
i speak english very well.
i’ve work in many countries in europe.
i’m looking for some job opportunities,during and after.

There are websites such as and that allow you to post your skills and seeks jobs. To get jobs you usually need to be very inexpensive and have a history of reliability. This can take time to develop.

One area you might explore is offering computer internet setup, mobile SIM card purchase and setup, internet router setup, security analysis on computers/tablets, etc for expats moving to Portugal.

I don’t know your city but you could find a place in your city to advertise your services where expats might see the ad. Otherwise, you could try Facebook forums such as Americans & Friends in Portugal. If you get permission in advance, they may let you advertise there. I recommend you develop your skills in these areas or other area and you can do an annual service of updating security patches on hardware and making sure everything in working.

I am not sure if this is appropriate for you, but simply offering some ideas what I would do if I were in your position.

thank you.i will try those.