Anyone in online language training?

Hi everyone! I’m working as a translator now for a few years and am considering to diversify my freelance business and start online language training. I am an English teacher by my education and could teach Polish (my native language), English and Russian.
Does anyone have experience? Is there a demand? Where did you start to find clients?
I would appreciate your advice very much :pray:

Hi, @JennyR! I tough Italian online for a few years along with other part-time jobs. The income was rather stable with flexible hours. It was an enjoyable job, I miss it sometimes!
I mainly used Fiverr and Facebook groups to find clients. You can also contact companies that offer online language training.
Regarding the demand, for me it is difficult to say about English and Russian, I guess there must be many people offering online lessons. On the other hand, many people are interested in these languages, check for example RareJob, where you can teach English to Japanese.

Here’s one add that might interest you, @JennyR! Online English Language Tutors Needed:

Recently I’ve learned about that offers online tutoring to Chinese speakers and they were looking for English teachers.

Have you looked at preply? I know a few people who have used it. Rates vary, but work is usually consistent especially in the languages you look at. Tends to be individual tutoring or practice sessions.

Cambly is a where I teach English. It is private tutoring with students. If you can snag priority hours and hook some regular students the pay is $10.20 an hour through Paypal. Not too bad