Rounding up a team

Howdy Nomadic Entrepreneurs,
How do you go about finding team members for your businesses?

I’m new at building a business, although many lessons are piling up with each obstacle overcome. And I desperately want these lessons to come quicker. Would having a team expedite this process?

I’m still at a testing stage (for the third or fourth major pivot now), and can still accomplish all the necessary work by myself. There is no dire need for help per se. But, brewing in all these ideas solo and struggling with constant bombardment of uncertainties… I think this really hampers my progress.

I have respected mentors, who help me see the big picture clearer and generally guide me in the right direction at the major forks in the road. But, dealing with all the pesky gritty issues and questions in daily building activities is also frustrating (and disorienting).

Since setting out to build the company, I’ve had several ‘partners’, who’ve stuck around for short periods … and having them around really added motivation as well as a hell of simplified brainstorming. With these three partners, we kinda stumbled onto each other and they became interested in my model for some while before leaving to pursuit their own projects. I’m continuing to work without them, but do miss the regular feedback mechanism!

Do I need to recruit somebody? And how do I intentionally seek out these interested team members? Oh, and I’m in no position to pay at the moment, but ‘d gladly reward with future dividends)))

Any general thoughts, advice, and comments are super welcome, and thank you!

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Hey man, that’s a great question I am finding myself in a similar situation… Gotta do everything by myself really by asking mentors like you said and searching online… I couldn’t do design so I convinced a designer to help me on a premise that my venture is going to be successful in the future, where I will pay for his further services…
Found him by a referral
That depends on the venture though. I am hoping to get to first sales by myself before investing in people around me… Sites like fiverr may deliver decent results fast for a reasonable amount of money. Virtual assistants are pretty affordable too, from what I heard.
I actually think that this virtual outsource is healthy and essentials…
Seems like my biggest hurdle been to find time and draw what I really need outsourcing, cost-benefit of doing so, and most importantly typing up needed jobs and requirements :thinking:
The rest should be easy😁

Good question though

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I’m forcing myself to hire now instead of doing the work. So far we have 5 on the team and I’ve not found them anywhere consistent. One is my wife haha, one came from Twitter, another Upwork, another Jobrack and the last, I found his work elsewhere then found his direct contact details and followed up.

In future I’d like to have more “inbound” hiring where they are enquiring for a job before I have the position - so many things on my to do list!

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The startup dilemma.

In my opinion, it would be better to have other partners who can cover skills that you don’t have for the startup to succeed. I had an idea for a business over a year ago, i finally met the right partners with the skillset to help achieve what we needed. It’s doing very well now.

Partners are more willing to have a lower pay, as they have a skin in the game and shares.

If not, hire or outsource. Even then, that is a challenge too. Hiring the right staff, or people and the funding. If you want to hire cheap, offer share options at certain mile stones.

Good luck.