What kind of remote jobs do you have?


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What kind of remote jobs do you guys have? and how are you guys able to pay off expensive travel costs?

How about a remote working forum?
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I do internet marketing and digital advertising for a real estate company in the US, mainly driving traffic to my colleagues there. With a 13 hour difference the schedule is a bit tough sometimes, but it’s been working good for us. Travel costs do add up, so it pays to have friends around the world :grin:

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Hi udesign48
Good query. Over a 3-year period, 2013-2016, here in Asia we hosted nomads of all kinds, always hoping for the ‘high-achievers’ and being selective. For variety of activity, dealing with travel costs, here’s what we encountered:

  1. Photographers - for stock libraries, magazines, shooting while on other business
  2. Venture capitalists - on family travel, but scouting, meeting, all the while
  3. Web designers, coders, bloggers - working from only MacBook Airs
  4. Ex-pats gone native - based in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand - new couples on breaks
  5. Airline family members - flying anywhere free
  6. Housesitters - stepping-stone around the world, each flight short
  7. Retired doctors - flying low-season rates
  8. Chinese telecom reps on business - nicest people
  9. Chinese businesswomen shopping - nicest people
  10. Chinese stock market traders - nicest people
  11. Swiss luxury watch salesmen - scouting customers while vacationing
  12. Hitchhiking across Mongolia - using cheap boats otherwise
  13. Prostitutes - the John pays the tour
  14. ‘Reformed’ Ex-cons - still marking targets for ‘associates’

The trend toward the last two are why we called it a day, but always fun. Really enjoyed folks.
I’d say over all, people cut costs by going off-season and doubling-up on their travel purposes, business and pleasure, business and family, reducing taxes with deductibles, dining in not out, living like locals.

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One more aspect. While folks were away from their bases, each travel was short.
Shortest one week, longest a month, average about ten days.

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@duncanmn @danil.alexander

Thanks for your replies. I’ll take a look at those options.
But I’m curious about living expenses. Even if I stay at a $70 per night hotel or hostel, that’s still going to cost $24,000 a year. Let’s say I pay $30 a day for food and transportation. That’s another $10,000 a year.
I’ll need some $33,000 a year base money to live as a complete nomad. Unless, I make $50,000 a year completely online, that’s going to be a challenge.

Maybe you’ll be required to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week for something really challenging to pay that off.

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$70 per night is wayyy more than most nomads pay on average. Say you stay in each location for 1-3 months, like many nomads do. Say you’re in a shared Airbnb apartment (or something you find on a local rental site). Depending on where in the world you are, you might pay $200-1000 per month. Only a handful of cities around the world would be more expensive than that. And in lower cost countries you can easily get your own place in that range.

I’d say at $15,000-$20,000 per year you can already live comfortably as a nomad—as long as you avoid the most expensive places, and avoid the high season in the most touristic areas.

Travel costs aren’t that high as long as you travel off-peak and stay in each destination for longer. Flights that cost $1500 most of the time, can be had for $500 if you’re flexible, etc.

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Airbnb sounds interesting.

At where I live, you can rent a desk at an office for $250 a month.

Hotels charge from $45+ per night.

I’m trying hard to set up a stable online business. Maybe becoming a cryptocurrency & forex trader could solve this issue although I’ve seen some countries’ governments shutting down bank accounts of crypto traders. Maybe it’s best keep everything in crypto currency.

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Another option is becoming a senior web developer. A senior web developer with 10+ years of experience in all kinds of frameworks can get paid $50,000 a year completely online.