How to make Bitcoin without buying it in large scale?


If I get access to a supercomputer center by my job or my connections, how can I do Bitcoin mining or apply a algorithms on block-chain or … to let me make huge Bitcoin amount( few million EUR at least). I heard it’s possible but I don’t actually know how this is practically can done?


Not really a likely scenario. If it was profitable and/or possible, those supercomputer admins would be doing it already full-time.

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@voyager there is evidence in internet that Russian nuclear reserch’s supercumputer scientist done this. So it’s possible for me to do either!


because clearly everything they put on the internet is true :grin:

if that happens (and I hope it does) (and I hope Im on your good side)) you just need to join some mining pools online


In truth if there was evidence of truth personally i would not divulge or advertise the fact even to suggest it if i know i made money this way. So would others, if there was truth to it. People make money from selling there idears on how to make money but that does not mean you will, because anyone who has become a multi millionaire through simple online marketing or stock market online money making wont sell that genuine secret. The money is in the possible probability selling that idear thought that even you could do it as an ordenary person, i call it psychological selling of a copy cat idear. As for Incorporation of offshore companies and banking i have spent many years in cayman islands which is a offshore financial centre. Anyone looking to put money through an offshore limited incorporation there are limits by all banks now on deposits in that they check the source and origin of the funds from bank to bank by communication you wont see. If there is an issue with the source and origin in the money then once this happends could find that the account would be put on suspense until the evidence of funding and trading doccumentation could could be given over to the bank to check over and verify its source and origin.

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Typically you need special hardware to make more than the cost of the electricity. If you do it at the work for example, your employer would get with a much higher electricity bill than you make from the mining. Not something you can do in a huge scale.

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Great advise @otto

I have one server grade laptop, with Xeon CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM(upgradeable to 128GB) and NVMe M2 SSD 512GB, what do you think about this hardware for coin mining in case I don’t have electricity bill issue :wink: ?
My laptop is always on as I use it for work, listening to music, and web surfing 24H/7D :slight_smile:
There are different areas that you can make money of crypto,

  1. make a new crypto currency
  2. mining a cryptocurrency
    Which ones do you think is practical and works faster?


I suggest to buy a cloud mining contract,one of my best decision ever.But be aware,there gonna be a halving next year.

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Thanks. Do you mean the total number of … generation … will be devided by 2?


It means if you successfully found a btc mining block.Then the reward will be only 6.25 BTC.
Right now it’s 12.5 BTC
This halving will going to happen around 2020 June.

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Hi @Onion
I wanted to say the same too. I think if this happens, Bitcoin is going to be somehow semi-centralized as there is control over it. As a totally decentralized cryptocurrency should be able to transfer a large amount of money, like billions of Euro in a short time and don’t have any management decisions on it, while Bitcoin lacking both the points.

Blonde I think you may missunderstood this.Halving is something to do with mining.
I think bitcoin is still decentralized.
Halving is by design and already happened I think two times.Like every four year.
This is not a new thing.Also it does not change how much transfers the network can take.It is driving up the price of the bitcoin however and also the cost of the mining of course.

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