How to make Bitcoin without buying it in large scale?

(Blonde) #1


If I get access to a supercomputer center by my job or my connections, how can I do Bitcoin mining or apply a algorithms on block-chain or … to let me make huge Bitcoin amount( few million EUR at least). I heard it’s possible but I don’t actually know how this is practically can done?


(Mario) #2

Not really a likely scenario. If it was profitable and/or possible, those supercomputer admins would be doing it already full-time.

(Blonde) #3

@voyager there is evidence in internet that Russian nuclear reserch’s supercumputer scientist done this. So it’s possible for me to do either!


(Daniil Alexander) #4

because clearly everything they put on the internet is true :grin:

if that happens (and I hope it does) (and I hope Im on your good side)) you just need to join some mining pools online