Safe and secure with high anonymity bitcoin wallet?

(Blonde) #1


Anyone knows any safe and secure with high anonymity bitcoin wallet? How to minimize the buy/sell fees to as low as possible?


(Thomas K. Running) #2

It depends how you want to store your coins.

  • For hardware wallets, check out Trezor or Ledger.
  • For software wallets, check out Electrum or Exodus
  • For online wallets, check out

To minimize your fees, find an exchange with as high liquidity in your currency pair as possible, and don’t trade very often. Check out for example Kraken or Bitstamp, or for someone US based Robinhood might be an option. If you want to buy anonymously, LocalBitcoins or your local BTC ATM are good options, but you’re definitely paying a premium compared to using a regulated exchange.

Can I pay by Bitcoin in any online website that accept Bitcoin, while I buy Bitcoin from Revolul bank app?