Safe and secure with high anonymity bitcoin wallet?


Anyone knows any safe and secure with high anonymity bitcoin wallet? How to minimize the buy/sell fees to as low as possible?


It depends how you want to store your coins.

  • For hardware wallets, check out Trezor or Ledger.
  • For software wallets, check out Electrum or Exodus
  • For online wallets, check out

To minimize your fees, find an exchange with as high liquidity in your currency pair as possible, and don’t trade very often. Check out for example Kraken or Bitstamp, or for someone US based Robinhood might be an option. If you want to buy anonymously, LocalBitcoins or your local BTC ATM are good options, but you’re definitely paying a premium compared to using a regulated exchange.

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I bought on Blockchain and my first buy was stolen literally from under my nose. They said my computer might not be sufficiently secured.

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How was it stolen exactly? By someone else logging into your account? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Dont really know, when i received the bitcoins, i went in half hour later and it was send to a bitcoins link. We contacted them and they reckon our computer is probably not good protected. So $300 phewt gone.

Hiya @tkrunning , @riet2305

thanks for your input in my question. Sorry to hear you lost your money @riet2305

I find Trezor-T more secure than Trezor-one, what do u think about this? but its beta and keeping my private information?!! one of my reasons is because the keypad is on the Trezor-T, its more secure than Trezor-one.
Initially I bought a keep-key but it was looks it was not in fully sealed condition, I returned it.

Here its costs 149EUR , what about cryptoSteel, do I need it really? I can’t write it in a encrypted file and save that encrypted and password protected file somewhere, as I feel so unsecure when I use cryptoSteel, as with recovery key that cryptoSteel has it, everyone who find it can steel all my money by recovering everything into a new Trezor-T(or one), isn’t it?


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For Android hands down Samourai Wallet is the most secure option. Their team is working on/with some dope products such as the GoTenna (mesh networking for offline BTC transactions).They also work on PayNym and Senntinel.

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hiya @rlyyy

thanks for reply. what will guarantee that making large transaction to any kind of software or online wallets will not cause account blockage, and then they ask for copy of government issued photo ID,… And what can guarantee that you will able to withdraw your money, as lots of online accounts and software wallets are claimed by vendor that they are hacked and gone bankrupt or user lost money because his computer is not secure, so money is gone. I’m speaking about possibilities and I don’t mean any specific online or software wallet is safe or not. what will be my guarantee in case of these happens?


Bitcoin is fully P2P, no KYC/AML. Just download a wallet app, create a wallet and you can transact.

In fact when you receive BTC, it’s not really on your wallet or device. The transaction recorded on the blockchain which runs completely decentralized. Your wallet (app) just gives you access to spend the BTC you have received.

Hence it’s important to back up the 24 word seed phrase (generated during wallet creation on app) on a piece of paper and store is safely. If it gets lost or stolen, the BTC on it is gone forever.

And also beware of fake wallet which steal your funds… :wink: