Where do you invest your money as Digital Nomads and/or PTs?

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Hi everyone,
I’m a digital nomad from Europe and considering going PT.
One of the things that I’d like to make sure off is to put money aside while traveling and to also explore investment opportunities internationally. Especially when reading blogs like nomadcapitalist.com it appears to be financially interesting to spread out your investments geographically, but little practical advice is offered where to start. For reference, so far I played around with mostly P2P platforms such as Bondora or Mintos, with good experiences so far (Disclaimer, the links before are referrals links here are the non referral links Bondora and Mintos which you could obviously use as well, just added the other ones in case someone genuinely heard of these platforms for the first time here).
I would be very interested to hear what other digital nomads and PTs are using as investment vehicles and where.

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I would also be very interested in that answer.
Since when I buy stocks or similar over my swiss bank account (I’m swiss, not rich…) they charge me the withholding tax of 35%, which I can’t reclaim, since I’m not resident of Switzerland (or anywhere else). The same problem with my German bank account.
So I would be interested in an investment platform which doesn’t directly charge me any taxes and doesn’t want any proofs of residence (I do have an address in Switzerland where I can receive mail).


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Really depends on your risk appetite and the available cash you have on hand.

Any individual should be diversified to have various degrees of income. Apart from your main source of income, whatever that maybe.

There is active & passive.

  • Property investments
  • Private Equity (“less” risk vs VS, and more stable returns)
  • Venture Capital (more risky, higher returns / or complete loss)
  • You can actively trade for yourself, stocks, options and forex.
  • Or get someone to trade for you.
  • As mentioned in the OP P2P
  • Hold “hard assets” such as precious metals.
  • Or just get someone credible to manage your spare cash.

And after all of this, it will depend on your risk appetite, as mentioned earlier.


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First of all, you (had better) invest yourself, should be smart and healthy, read books and know the stupid history of human being like war, dictator, religion, nation etc.

Investment is not a job. If you spend your life in economic crisis, you get tired and loooose your money and life like LTCM.

All you need is KISS, “Keep it simple, stupid!” like Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett.

Investment is not a science nor math nor academy, simply buying equity that company works for you day and night all over the world.

Good company gives you share :moneybag:of cash flow :chart_with_upwards_trend:. For example, Amazon ipo at $18, split to 60 and reached to $2000, so that gave 59 shares of $2000 with a share of proft $1982.

You have to do nothing except click.


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For stocks I like Onvista.de, it’s cheap and have not had any issues.
If you are living abroad (not in Germany) they do not deduct taxes:

Steuer für Bewohner außerhalb Deutschland
Bitte beachten Sie, dass die onvista bank als deutscher Onlinebroker die Steuern für die im Ausland ansässigen Depotinhaber nicht abführt. Sofern Sie außerhalb Deutschlands steuerpflichtig sind, müssen Sie für die Abführung der Steuer im Rahmen der Steuererklärung selbst Sorge tragen.

None German (cheap online) brokers (Saxo, degiro)…
For invesing in the US there is Charles Schwab International, they also should not deduct taxes


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Thanks for the platform tipps which do not deduct taxes, I’ll take a look at them :slight_smile:


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What about robo invest EFTmatic? Any experience with that?