Best Location for Late 40s American Male

I moved from Florida to California, lived in the southern part, and most recently the Bay Area. I am now in western Mexico. Preparing to work online. I am aligned and interested in the whole prepper movement, into off-grid living.

I get 6 months in Mexico, which is up in 3 1/2 months. Debating where to go from here, to stay, or check out other good places to live that are low cost, have internet, safe for the foreseeable future.

Any thoughts?

Georgia might suit you. Excellent tax opportunities and Free Trade Agreements and a good network of tax treaties that you can enjoy legally and sleep at night - as long as you are actually set up in Georgia.

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thank you, looking into it.

For fast internet, off grid splendors of nature, the most affordable property prices ever to be found, safe, attractive ladies, and quaint civilisationn within easy reach, and 3 major bustling cultural metropolis within 3 hours drive (Istanbul, Thessaloniki, and Sofia, a 10% flat tax rate corporate and personal, no tax on investmennt portfokio dividnends or capital gain, The Mediterraean sea one hour away, I would suggest SW Bulgaria… I ony have this link but you can ask me for more details on any of theose metned

Thank you Aslana, hadn’t thought of that. I am checking into it too.

also drawn to Asia. Although there are many dynamics going on now, is anyone there, and have any input on living there long term and buying houses or property?

Then you should take a look at Ho Chin Ming in Vietnam, as an American you have the advantage of getting up to a 12 months visa. Low cost and high quality of life. Easy and affordable flights to other Asian countries and Europe. Also check out Chang Mai in Thailand.

Hope you enjoy the process of making your choice

Hi Eric,
See you were in the Bay Area. We stopped by there in January. Interesting. It did feel like something was going to happen soon, and it did.
Am in western Japan, Kansai. Property here 23 years, in the country 35, grandkids here now adult.
Japan is not bad, but has seen its peak, its boom and bust long gone. I would give it a visit, but not a stay. It is like a mud bath, slows you down, unnecessarily confuses you, then quick sand, sucks you in, and the time in your life ticks by, gone.
Taiwan is under the radar, especially the north around Taipei. People are quite nice, intelligent.
It’s not so stimulating, but good. Singapore for business. More and more good news out of Vietnam, and it is cheap. Personally, I like Korea. The men can be rough, though. They all had military training, they are all rough on women, real rough. The healthiest food, though. Malaysia very nice in parts. Watch all the food in Asia. MSG, Aspartame, Acesulfame-K, preservative chemicals hidden in almost everything. They accumulate, are neurotoxic, aren’t always declared on labels. With clients and their food manufacturing problems, have discovered these chemicals laced in almost everywhere. Good luck!

Hi Duncan,
Thank you for the reply. Yes, been in SF for over 3 years. Japan sounds cool. My friend taught English there years ago, now has a Japanese wife and kids. I’ve been to Laos, Thailand, and Georgetown, Malaysia.
I’d like to see Taiwan and HK, perhaps Vietnam. I study health and nutrition, so I know about msg, good to know about the other chemicals too.
My only concerns are the political and CV stuff that’s been going on, been watching the news, and longer goal is to get land. I’ll still look back into Taiwan and a few of the other places.

I’ve been to Chiang Mai, but not Vietnam, considering, thank you for the suggestion.

With regards to buying land in Asia, its only The Philippines that I am aware that lets foreigners buy land and even then it will be a maximum of 50 years leasehold. Check out Cebu and Davao city

Hi Eric,
Ask me some specific questions, I’ll tell you all I know (or suspect, deduce).
I’d say keep your eyes and ears open, pray for good luck, and follow your intuition.
That’s what brought me here.
All these countries are tribal/racist. Can’t be helped, I guess. I think finding local partners, marrying in to families are good ways to establish roots. I would skip social media, and find active offline persons. Whatever you do, learn local law. Lots of good local people out there.
And take chances. Calculated chances, but chances.

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Um, case by case, I think in every jurisdiction, and there can be quirky application. Regulations often change, too. I am a permanent foreign resident in Japan, and I own land. Sometimes I wish I didn’t, or had first established a company based in Labuan, Malaysia, then used it to register the property. I have heard from contacts that currently a non-Thai cannot own Thai land. For Korea, Vietnam, other spots, you’d have to check each one. Bali has potential, in some form, as many foreigners are in charge of businesses based there. And real estate agents everywhere in Asia can be incompetent or mixed up with criminal elements, scams. It’s so common. One of my brothers-in-law is a real estate agent here. Tricky guy. Amazing dodges. Could write a book.

Most of the info on internet about SW BG is out of date… locked in yesteryears mnd set… poor, brain drain, ignorant… times are a changing…in the town where Im at a small regional centre… three corner lots have new redevelopment luxury property cosntruction projects springing up… the ripple effect out from the caoital Sophia, via Plovdiv…has now reached here… I knew real estate prices would be trending higher due to sructural change, but I am still surprised its happening at this pace… this link is a good as any for the updated outlook…… also for your information, in albaia they love Americans, and in Macedonia they love anyone from the west that has bothered to come… so feel WELCOME… ! Betwen the Adriatic and the Black sea, this strip of the Balkans with he MEd an hur away, is the most wild in Europe, and with Europes greatest bio diversity… and its basically ‘undiscovered’ etc by a few Birts and even fewer Germans… so a apardise of nature’s bliss… and when I said ‘quaint’ local towns… I should add the architecture is sweet, but the social fabric has a lot of similarities to The US of America in the ‘50s’… I kid you not…its like being in a Disney movie… children, families, teenagers…(gangsters aside) …

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Native San Franciscan here. Go Bal! Worked at ‘The General’ for 25 years and secured a passive income lifestyle. Anyway, Taipei is a great city. Two Airports so check that out. Housing is easy to locate, here’s an option for you.

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Chiang Mai is a great little city in Northern Thailand that you might want to check out. I spent a lot of time bouncing around Malaysia and loved the nature that Boreno has to offer. Georgetown is a great place to eat and KL is a hub airport for AirAsia. Japan? Expensive and not very open minded. I like it there (wife is Japanese) but being a gaijin is a strange expierence. If you like baseball then Japan is a must in season. Go to a Sparrow game, fun… Taipei is my favorite city in Asia. Slow place and everything is there.

Thanks Kadek. I’ve learned from that Taiwan is closed unless one has business there. I’ve been to Chiang Mai and Georgetown, they are cool. Haven’t been to KL though. Interested in Taiwan, have you seen any influx of foreigners?

Picking up your thread… Taiwan is very close to us. The obvious answer is to do business with a company or some companies in Taiwan, particularly Taipei. For us, that is is offloading colour bulk printing. We don’t really need to go there for this, but why not? Hot springs north of the city, and nice quiet golf courses. Good healthy food, too. There are usually loads of trade conferences in Taipei as well, so I imagine all those conference attendees will be allowed in. The whole lockdown, etc. is a neat sealed-lips leger-de-main show. Seriously, seriously. And we’re in the show, the song and dance, so we must sing and dance, too. But business is business, and business goes on. The local companies in Taiwan understand, will play along for a while, but want normal cash flow.

Yep, most of the world is closed at the moment. I’ve been in Sofia, Bulgaria since March 1st. and extended my stay until September. My wife and I hold different passports so these lockdowns can potentially separate us… ouch!

Taiwan is a wealthy country and life is good there. Great bus and train system, easy to explore entire island. The Metro in Taipei is amazing. Everything works, is clean, is modern and on time. The streets are safe and people are friendly. Food is amazing… I can go on and on… I’m an American from San Francisco and my wife is Japanese from Yokohama and for us Taipei has the best of both our hometowns without the negatives. LOL

oh, are you in Bulgaria now? If so, how is it?

I recall reading you are from SF, very cool. I’m from Florida, but have been in SF for several years, I miss Chinatown the most!

Taiwan and Taipei are closed for now?