Best Location for Late 40s American Male

Yes, I’ve been in Sofia, Bulgaria since March 1st. Entered with 3-month visa on arrival and then extended for an additional 3 months. I plan to leave in late August. Where to next? Have to see what is open… Maybe Macedonia!

Bulgaria… First really cool thing is that it’s super cheap. Wife and I have a hard time spending 1,500 USD an month and that’s for everything! In Sofia, lot’s of parks and people hang out spots. Not a large population and we like that. Easy to find decent food and bake goods are delicious! On the negative (for us) is there is a huge nicotine addiction here. Smoke is everywhere, there is no escaping it. I’m certain the addiction starts in childhood via second hand smoke and by 13-14 the kids are sucking on the drug themselves.

I lived on Bush and Jones for years and I miss burritos most. But if it’s Chinatown ou miss then yes, Taipei is the place. They speak Mandarin there so if you have picked up any SF Cantonese you’re out of luck! But the food… fantastic!

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How is Mexico, where are you at?

that’s great! Good to know about smoking, I’m not a smoker, that might get to me.

wow, I lived a few blocks away!

Found a Taiwanese family last week in Puerto Vallarta. Yes, I know it’s a big hoax in some ways, but the gov’t has decreed mask wearing in some places, luckily, only the larger businesses enforce it.

Are you still in Bulgaria?

Yes, I’m still in Sofia. Going to leave in September. Turkey, Croatia, Serbia? Who know’s… have to see what the world allows. Facemask. Hmmm… does not seem like such a ‘big ask’. I have zero issue wearing a mask. I really don’t get the drama and it’s something I don’t miss about my country. My wife is Japanese and she wears one all the time, no big deal.

those seem like interesting options. Hadn’t thought of any of those.

As for the whole mask issue, as long as you get O2, and not inhale too much of your own CO2, and spend time without it for a good while, then I think that’s all right.

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well during these times.

I recently returned to the US after 6 months in Mexico, as my visa was up, and am working on where to go next.

Part of me wants to stay in the US, another to live overseas.

Been reading Seems there about 47 options, from Albania to Zambia.

Seems Europe or LatAm could be good choices. For Europe, I have been learning about what I think are the Balkan countries, like Albania Armenia Belarus Bosnia & Herzegovina Croatia Kosovo Montenegro North Macedonia Serbia Turkey Ukraine. However, I want a place where freedom and safety are strongly sewn in.

I am concerned that the covid is going to allow, perhaps force, restrictions and bad things to happen. I hope I am wrong.

Would love a place to grow my own food.

Is anyone in any of those areas? If so, how are you finding it there, how are you finding freedoms, safety, covid situation, climate, and anything else worth mentioning?