How much should tax representation cost?

The challenging issue with Tax Rep is that many GV applicants do not see the need or value for this. Considering that GV applicants now don’t have the immediate need to move to PT yet and the long delays with GV processing and approval, the Tax Rep fee is basically just a give away to your lawyer. Tax Rep, when you are not resident in PT and not earning PT income and also while waiting for one’s GV application to be approved, would be a service that is rarely used.

I pay EU200/year. She’s not a lawyer nor an accountant but my income and tax declarations are simple.

1200 a year plus VAT. They are also doing our income taxes from rental property an expenses associated with it.

To make sure we are comparing apples to apples here, we should specify if tax representative includes preparation of Portuguese income taxes or not. It seems some people’s do. Mine does not. We pay about 100 euros for representation and about 250 euros for tax preparation for income solely for a rental property in Portugal.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for someone under 500? Our lawyers want 800 which seems absurd (coming from a USA CPA over here!)

Dear All,
We bought the house 2 years ago. No news from GV yet still waiting the pre approval. The house is not rented so we dont have any income. So can you help me to understand IMI Tax? Last year they said that we dont have to pay. But i think second year we should pay it? We have tax rep. and just paid the representative fees last year.
Thank you

Hello @tuceyuksel,

IMI is paid every year, in two installments. It is an equivalent of U.S. Property tax and assessed based on the property value at the time of sale. First installment is to be made prior the end of May, and the second one is before the end of November (I believe). If you have access to the Portal das Finanças (, you should be able to log in and find your IMI payment due. Then you can pay it directly from your Portuguese bank account by a direct transfer.

If you have your fiscal representative, they should be in position to help you with it.

I am a bit surprised when they said that last year you didn’t have to pay any IMI tax. You might want to check with them again, unless you paid it at the time of purchase.

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Hi Joel, out tax representative charges 120 Euros/year/person. We are from the US and bought a Touristic apartment in Lagos for our GV investment. We needed a very knowledgeable tax representative to help us with the percentage they pay us each year. Steven has been fantastic and has set up our IMI payments as well. His wife is a Solicitor in Lagos who is also very good and reasonable.