How much should tax representation cost?

My firm LegalSquare charges me 1200 Euros for tax representation every year. I feel this is very high given there’s nothing to fill in it as i’m not a resident yet or have any properties there except my investment funds.

How much do you guys pay and any recommendations?


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600 for me. Every yr

My recommendation is to pay 0 Euros:

Portuguese tax representation no longer required for non-EU residents – Nomad Gate

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I think I pay about 600/eur a year. I know I don’t need to, but I consider it an excuse to bother my lawyer about things as often as I want without worrying about taking up tons of their time, more or less

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The problem with tax representation is that most of the time this is bundled together with the GV application by many law firms in Portugal. It’s very hard to deselect this from their package - the lawyer will not be happy when you request this. I have yet to find a law firm that would allow tax representation to be excluded from the package.

That said using Bordr or the like for EUR100/yr is safe insurance.

I pay 500€/year, with the exact same strategy :slight_smile:

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I think 900/yr for us even though we have no tax obligations there. Agree with callixtus, its part of the ARI annual fee scam while we wait indefinitely for movement on our application.

Fairly certain several folks here have done this

I can’t see the option for tax representation in their listed services

You can pay as much as you want for tax representation. I used to pay 60€ / yr at nifonline. Now I pay 0€ / yr with a Portuguese friend as my tax rep.

Nice unfortunately i don’t have a portugese friend. Maybe it’s high time i get one…


I just dont understand this. Why would you pay just in case when you do not need to submit a return? A good accountant will charge on the basis of time and does not want to keep clients on the books ‘in case’ because of the compliance issues. A good accountant is happy to leave you to contact them if you need to in the future.

These are lawyers and not accountants. :smile:
Also, the way they justify their annual fees is like you are renting their address or mailbox so that all AIMA letters sent via post could be sent or received at your tax rep’s offices. I am not sure if that’s worth EUR 400 to EUR 1000 per year…

No Callixtus, nor am I convinced!!

I see no need for lawyers once you are in a country ands settled. All tax authorities post to me wherever I am, but most are digital. I dont even have a mailbox at my home as I am paperless…

My belief is that being a nomad should make life easier not more complicated. Less form filling and more living… I think many believe they have to replicate their home country - ID documents, certificates, tax returns -

At some point, you’ll have to pay properly taxes.
I pay 600 eur/year

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As stated elsewhere, pay nothing if you don’t need it, pay €100 if you don’t need it but want it, for a sort of insurance. The figure mentioned in the opening mail is not honest, if I may put it like that.

When I first applied for GV I questioned my lawyer about the tax representation fee and I suggested to her that it was too high and asked her if she would reduce the amount. She said it was well justified because the tax representative takes on a lot of financial risk. Then I did not own any property in Portugal nor did I have any income. I did not know any better at the time. Now I do know better. As an aside, I also learned when I demanded a change in my tax rep that the “tax rep” was actually a captive company of the law firm. Go figure. A wise person said that a fool and his money are soon parted.

There’s this, if it applies to you

Bordr 150 Euros per year.

Its been discussed elsewhere but typically only the primary GV applicant needs a representative as they have income. Spouses can switch to electronic notification.