How to Easily Open a Bank Account in Malta


(Thomas K. Running) #1

So you recently moved to Malta, and now you want to open a bank account?

First of all, do you really need a local Maltese bank account?

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(Carlos) #2

I enjoyed the article, very thorough. I would add that the PostaPay account can have a maximum balance of 8000€.

(Thomas K. Running) #3

Ah, a very good point @clr!

I’ll update the article :slight_smile:

(wischi) #4

You forgot FerratumBank. You can open an account via their app.

(Thomas K. Running) #5

I did try Ferratum, but it said they didn’t support Maltese residency. I’ve also heard that they only allow you to open an account if your residency = your nationality. Not sure if that’s still the case.

Which residency did you use to open an account?

(wischi) #6

I might have opened the account with german residency. They support changing it to Malta. If you ask them I am sure that you can open it with maltese residency as well.

(Antony) #8

Never open bank accounts on Malta. They have closed 3 banks in recent couple years with all the depositors’ funds frozen till this day. Stay away from this mafia island.