How to obtain NIF and Bank Account if retired with inconsistent investment income, residing in US

I want to get the PGV, but do not yet have a NIF nor bank account. I am deciding on which fund to use, but don’t want to waste time if I can get the NIF and bank account going now. Are there quick and reliable ways to get both in my circumstances?

I started the process of opening a bank account with Atlantico (apparently I can open an account without a NIF), but I stopped the application as there were disclosures and documents in Portuguese (understandably), which I do not yet speak. Has anyone opened with Atlantico to fund a GV? Is there a better path? Also, I am retired (early), do not yet get any retirement distributions, but do have income from various investments, which are changing almost yearly. I’m not sure if this is an issue in opening a bank account or obtaining a NIF. How can I quickly get a NIF in my circumstances? I started the application for a NIF on, but I don’t know how long they take, or if I’ll run into obstacles that will delay my application. Is there a better way?

Before you rush to put money into GV which may be closing, consider you have other options - do you want to live in Portugal? Then D7 visa is much cheaper and you will be approved and able to live in Portugal much faster (GV wait times from start of process to receiving the card, can be 1 or 2 years!)

Or if you want flexibility to live outside Portugal, consider the HQA, where you only have to invest EUR 175,000, and is also approved much faster than GV, and since it isn’t being targeted you have more time to investigate it.

If you really want NIF right now, has several options for NIF, so you can pay more to expedite it: Get NIF online -

You can get EUR 10 off with code: nomadgate

A few weeks ago I chose the cheapest option which says “in 10 working days”, and I actually got it only 2 working days later (applied Friday, got it Tuesday). But, perhaps with the news of GV ending they are more rushed now.

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Nifonline was quoting their delivery time to be 8 working days a few weeks ago, but situation might have changed now. E-residence has generally been a faster option for a NIF.

E-residence also offers bank account option, but it’s with Novobanco. If you’ve considered your options and planning on investing into a fund and in case you’re from the US, you’ll need an account at a bank that can also keep your fund shares (known to us are Bison, BIG, and Atlantico). Unfortunately, I don’t have a contact person at Atlantico, but our community members have successfully worked with Nuno Correia at Bison ( and Pedro Coutinho at BIG (


Much thanks!

I had started opening an account with Atlantico and would love a contact there if anyone has one.