How to open online bank account

how to open online bank account free / I have a nif and already paid a cpcv (deposit payment on appartment from abroad) The best offers I see cost 300 euros

@pat Bison Bank will open accounts remotely for this. You can Google them. PM me if you need help.

many thanks Rahim, I see most intermediaries cost between 350 dollars and 350 euros for about 2 weeks opening delay

Yes and per my experience, this cost is totally justifiable given the hurdles you may have to face, but not with Bison or Atlantico, they are not retail banks and have easier procedures but with other retail banks; yes go ahead and pay that to get it done. I’m happy to recommend a few bank managers also if you want to skip the intermediaries.

Thanks Rahim
Would be great

If you have a Millenium bank manager name so I could give him a call and double check the work of the u tube lady to ensure they are all above board and really do what they promise in the the 2 weeks

U tube lady , sorry I mean BORDR u tube lady