How to prove marriage incase cannot get newly issues marriage Certificate -


Currently I have original marriage certificate which was issued 20 years ago but because of Bureaucracy and other factors , I can not able to get newly issued certificate. is there any alternative available to prove marriage which is acceptable by authority.


In case your marriage is registered in your home country, you could ask for an extract from the civil registry where information regarding marriage is also present, or that’s at least how civil registry extracts in Estonia work. These extracts can often be obtained from embassies.

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When it comes to PT GV as you know the standard requirement is a re-issued marriage cert within the last 6 months. If for any reason you are absolutely not able to obtain the re-issued cert, then I recommend submitting the following pack:

  1. Your original (or latest re-issued) marriage cert - this needs to be apostilled in the issuing country!
  2. Affirmation statements from both yourself and your partner declaring that you are married as of now - this needs to be notarized and apostilled in the country of your current residence where the declarations are notarized.
  3. Explanation letter signed by yourself and your partner providing reasons for not obtaining a re-issued cert. This needs to be notarized by your PT lawyer or a PT notary (recognition of signature).

Hope this helps, and please do consult with your PT GV lawyer.