Hungary Golden Visa

Hungary to have real estate based Golden Visa:

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Yes, although it’s unclear if this path would lead to EU citizenship. 1st issuance would give 10 years of GV, followed by an option to extend by another 10 years. I’m guessing if there was a pathway to citizenship without feet on the ground, it would have been part of their PR. Let’s wait and watch.

Unless they also change their nationality law, it doesn’t look like it would:

Acquisition of Hungarian Citizenship


Section 4

(1) On application, a non-Hungarian citizen may be naturalized if:
a) the person resided in Hungary continuously over a period of eight years preceding the
submission of the application;
b) according to Hungarian law, the person has a clean criminal record, and at the time of the
assessment of the application, there are no criminal proceedings in progress against him
before a Hungarian court;
c) his livelihood and residence are assured in Hungary;
d) his naturalization does not violate the interests of the Republic of Hungary; and
e) provides proof that he has passed the examination in basic constitutional studies in the Hungarian language, or that of being exempted by virtue of this Act.


The wording “resided in Hungary” is quite different than what you find in e.g. Portugal’s nationality law (which speaks of period of legal residence).

Also, the constitutional test might prove a challenge as it must be completed in Hungarian, apparently. Not the easiest language to learn—it’s not even Indo-European.

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