Revised Cyprus Investor Immigration Permit

Cypriot program re-marketed… wonder what Ursula will do with this one…

This isn’t that great, I mean, it’s cheap-ish if you just want an EU residence permit, but it takes a long time to get citizenship, 7 years I believe. Not worth it IMO.

True, it is generally 7 years of Cyprus residency to qualify for citizenship and there is no language test (at least there wasn’t when I looked a while ago).

7 years isn’t that different than what Portugal is essentially in practice.

I wonder why the article does not mention citizenship. I wonder if it’s one of those visas that does not lead to citizenship.

I think in Cyprus you need at least five years boots on the ground for a citizenship claim

Did some digging - it’s apparently (according to the article’s author):

There is no minimum period of time per year but the requirement is that out of a period of 7 years (2.555 days), an applicant should have stayed physically in Cyprus 5 years (1.865 days) in total.

It does not relate to the tax residency rules in Cyprus where other residency requirements apply e.g. to physically reside in Cyprus 183 days or 60 days.