IBC and Foundation as director and shareholder, beneficiary of bank account?


I’m faced with an offshore service provider that tells me they can setup offshore IBC with Foundation as Director and shareholder, but asking me that if I want to be the signatory of the bank account holder, they put my name as the beneficiary of corporate bank account that opened for the IBC. What can I do for this? Shall I move to find a different offshore service provider or open the corporate bank account myself by documents that should be provided by the offshore service provider? They answered me strangely as they mentioned that they will provide the required documents for opening the corporate bank account, only when I try to open the bank account, I told them that you should provide a few certified copy of everything when you set up this offshore IBC+Foundation, thus I can contact with a few banks and compare their offers and fees before opening the corporate bank account. How to find a reputable offshore service provider that can act professionally and keep my confidentiality? I want to be the signatory bank account holder for a corporate account but I don’t want to be the beneficiary of the corporate account as I’m paying for a foundation to be the director and shareholders. For me, there is no sense of paying for a foundation fee, while they ask to put my name as the beneficiary of a corporate bank account, while the foundation should be beneficiary and not me. I’m suspected that they want to keep the signatory of the corporate bank account to themselves for a suspective reason. As in this way how can I protect my hard-earned assets and investors assets against the offshore service provider?

Can someone professional advise on this? How can I find a list of offshore service providers that are reputable and honest?