Liechtenstein, Isle of Man, Panama; Foundations, Private Interest Foundation, Foundation council; members?

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When opening a Foundation(‘Foundations’, ‘Private Interest Foundation’, ‘Foundation council’), in any of ‘Liechtenstein/ Isle of Man/ Panama’ who will introduce foundation members? the offshore agent that set up the IBC and/or private interest foundation will have the members and will introduce them to me(on the paper) or I should find them myself? and at the minimum, while I’m the Enforcer/Protector, how many people should be at least to set up this structure? can one member other than me fill all positions(other than protector/enforcer position that is me) to reduce the annual cost of the foundation? (the cost that I’m paying to offshore company setup agent?

Why the offshore company agent ask for who is the settlor(me) and where is the source of fund and where is located? is this usual? While I start with my own capital and the investors with a different rate of interest rate(for their annual investments) in their contact(with me) sign a contact with me, so they invest in my foundation, how we introduce the source of fund to offshore company setup agent?
I’m the seller/protector/enforcer/signatury-bank-account-holder and I believe I’m the only one who sees who deposit to bank account.

Why they ask my tx residency and is this usual to ask my tx residency over than I’ll send them two/or-one proof of address that is proof of my residency(as it could be my tx residency as well)? is this usual to ask tx residency?

If you have source or links about this, please leave in comments and replies.

Q1) do I need one new certificate of ‘Incumbency’ for each business/corporate account for the company that I’m opening offshore? How many certificates of Incumbency will be provided for free with the opening of a new company offshore? Are all the required certificates should be certified in the offshore jurisdiction off where the offshore service provider is located?