Insurance for a global traveller based in the UAE

Hello Everyone,
I’m Anita (John’s business manager) and im glad to have found this community. It’s been a challenge finding good info on the web for business nomads. I’m looking for insurance for John - basically, a person who doesn’t intend on keeping a home base for more than 6 months. Currently based in the UAE, John is a keynote speaker who travels weekly around the world and never staying more than a week at max in that country. So an itinerary is difficult as it is based on upcoming bookings for some of the insurance options I have found (worldnomads, geoblue which is only USA based).

Can you offer me some well-needed advice please?

hi Anita,
I was living in Dubai until couple of months ago … I had couple of good mastercard credit cards with me (world / world elite).
Through those, mastercard used to offer AIG insurance for free and the dates could be changed / updated as and when required. You can find more details on the mastercard UAE website … all you require is your tentative travel dates and first few digits of your credit card for verification purposes. The whole process is online and you can get the insurance documentation in your email within 5 minutes or so …