Professional Indemnity Insurance

I’m looking for advice on companies who offer international professional indemnity insurance. I’m a British citizen, living in Bahrain and newly self employed. My business is marketing research freelance / consulting and big UK companies like Hiscox won’t insure me because I am no longer paying UK income tax and NI contributions. Any recommendations of brokers to try would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lara

Hello. I am aware of two UK firms and one firm in the USA who offer the insurance you want. Please describe your situation and I will send you the applicable information.

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Did you have any luck with international professional indemnity insurance?

I am also a UK citizen who has expatriated and looking for insurance as a self employed counsellor/psychotherapist.

Any advice you have is greatly appreciated

I’m a dual US/UK citizen based in Iceland with a Dutch company (having moved from Holland to Iceland).

I’m in need of both professional liability insurance broadly and of Commercial General Liability insurance with specific requirements for a US client.

Any ideas appreciated.