Insurance for day labour on property in Portugal

Hi, I originally posted this in Tax & Legal but thought it might be better in this thread.

We own a property in Portugal and have standard House Insurance. We are having fairly major works carried out, rebuilding boundary walls, repairing a ruin, landscaping etc done by locals who we pay on a weekly basis. They are not a business so do not carry their own insurance. Our Insurance Company has said that we are not covered for injury or damage to them or us or neighbours property in the course of any of these works. Has anyone else had any experience in hiring day labour and getting this covered by insurers? We have Zurich who say they don’t have such a policy so we are wondering if anyone knows who would offer this coverage?

I had a good experience with for car insurance, I didn’t need to use them for property yet but they are targeted at english speakers and for car insurance offer some things that are non-standard e.g. comprehensive coverage for older cars.

Maybe they will be able to point you in the right direction if they don’t offer exactly what you need.

Thank you, I will give them a call. :smile: