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Hi my name is manu. I live in india…wife nkids et all. have started seriously thinking about living in a different country once my kids are off to college. this community seems really the place to get started on research. i love tennis and trading stocks based on price action. like to do some reading too. one of the best books i’ve ever read is here ---->

tata for now!

Hi All :wave:
I’m Nathan one of the advisors to the Pela Terra Farmland fund. I moved to Lisbon a few years ago from San Francisco. I’m originally from Ohio where I grew up in the middle of a cornfield.
Some of my interests:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Kiteboarding and running
  • Learning about and building different kinds of sensors

Big Audacious Life Goal:
To reverse the decline in soil health at scale by completely changing farming.

Fun fact:
I rode my bicycle alone 4000 miles from Washington state to Maine in my early 20s.


Hello, my name is Francis Flury

Swiss-born with dual citizenship with the US.

I am 69 years old,

Am an Artist, with 40 plus years as director of restaurant to substantiate the Family income.

Divorced with a 29-year-old son.

I just moved from the US Arizona, to live in Coimbra Portugal, and yes at my age we don’t do such a move? Now my sanity and my work as an artist come first!

Am fluent in French, Spanish, and English.

Salutations and thank you for any future insight.

Sincerely, Francis.


Hello TK my self Jagjit Singh I am an freelancer and working in metal and plastic recycling industry I am looking options for account opening in Portugal before my arrival.

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Hi, everyone

I am Fernando from :angola: , currently living in Luanda.

I work at a local company, I am a Software Developer. For a few months i’ve already worked with people from Portugal and Brazil. I love to work with people around the world, but working from home sometimes feel lonely. I am starting now as a nomad, and i am planning to take a tour of the country i live.

Book i recommend: The 4 Hour Workweek - Tim Ferriss

Really happy to find this community. :grinning:

Hello, I lived and studied in Brazil, RJ, but I am Argentina.
I am interested in living in Portugal with my 8 year old daughter.
Greetings to all!

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I am Humphrey, in spite of my Username, I am EU migratory-worker (Software / Automation). My interests include Astronomy and Beer. Looking at Crypto, but not fully dabbling yet. Planning my own BUTT-Coin, a sweat-coin, that can only be earned in exchanges of Services, so no investors ‘mooning’. Portugal looks good Tax wise for Crypto, and basing servers in Iceland (free cooling and cheap geothermally created electricity ~ like El Salvador etc will be ~ no more Chinese power-stations globually warning us all).

Hi, I’m Michael.

Originally from Australia, now in the United States (California)

I discovered this amazing community whilst I’m looking at the interesting option of the Portugal Golden Visa as a Plan B and option to live/work/retire across Europe in future.

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hello greetings
beautiful people :hugs::hugs::kissing_heart: thank you for this online self introduction warming party :sunglasses::sunglasses: I’m Robin Sophia age 23 from the lovely mother city Cape Town :speaking_head::man_dancing:

I’m also a mother of 1 :footprints::boom::heartbeat: my beautiful son who’s 8 months old :crown::hatching_chick::white_flower::hibiscus::blossom:and yes that’s pretty much it :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower:and it’s great to be a part of this community thank you :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:

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Hello ,

My name is Ingrid I split my time between Tucson, AZ and New England(Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts) to enjoy the AZ sunshine and my family and Friends during the Spring and Fall each year. My passion is international travel to learn and appreciate different cultures, landscapes and architecture.

By joining this network, I am hoping to learn about different places, situations and also share my experiences and what I leaned.

I was born and raised in Germany and been living in the US for decades raising a family while working a Corporate career. Currently I am enjoying the freedom to connect with people and places whenever and wherever I would like. :wink: :sunglasses:

Ingrid :world_map:

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Hi everyone, I’m Marco, :wave:
beautiful community full of active people, thank you for accepting me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I live in Italy (Sardinia) but from the age of 19 I travel around the world,
at the moment I am planning to launch a startup, which I hope will have an important social impact, especially for those who are most in need in the world, without barriers of any kind. :muscle:
I usually work between London and Paris, I love Italy, Spain, Switzerland where I was born, but in reality I love all the places where there are beautiful people. :smiley: :beers:

hi all! I’m Ron, and I’m roaming outside my Dutch :pirate_flag: stable since 1985…

As an IT consultant I just love helping people solving problems and work since 2005 on global projects as a Tech/Solution architect.

From 2008 I am UK based, (home-)growing a bunch of (now 99% managed) :houses: businesses of which the latest is focusing on a very niche but huge challenge of ‘short’ leaseholds of flats and houses.

Extremely annoyed by :bomb: IR35 I discovered some very good in-depth discussions on Portuguese taxation (yes yes… a typical all year-round :sun_with_face: and low taxes fan) on here… hence I joined you!

Fav places: almost everywhere; just look under the surface
Fav author: Napoleon Hill
Fav occupation: learn and grow each and every day

Feel free to reach out to me; I am looking forward to making some great connections here :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I am Igor and I am currently in Murcia, Spain but will be roaming all over Europe in the next couple of months. I lived in Miami for 21 years and decided that it was enough and moved the whole family back to Europe. We are now looking for the best place for us to set in. Greece or Spain are our main options, but we might consider some other.
I am IT consultant and work from home supporting different clients in US. I love traveling and my plans are to use this move as an excuse to travel much more than before.

I did a lot of research regarding immigrating to Spain and Greece so feel free to ask me if you need some answers that I might know.

HI there, my name is Lisa (my user name is hecticbetty). I’ve lived in London, South Africa and am now in Sydney. I am still desk bound but in the process of feeing myself from those shackles … I’m a lawyer by trade but hope to escape that profession as I move back to Europe (Lisbon as a base) and live a better life! I have yet to figure out what I’ll do for income once there but intend my life to become a lot more nomadic!


Hi Everyone,
I am a solo retiree in the US planning a permanent relocation to Portugal in 2022. I’m grateful to be here with all of you.


Hi everyone. My names is Denny my wife Mary and I are planning on retiring to Portugal late next year or early 2023. We hope to go to Tavira in the spring to scout everything out. We will be 57 next year. Very excited and equally scared about it. We are hoping we can get info and advice on here . Thanking everyone in advance for any help we might receive.

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Hi everyone! I’m an engineering professor and so is my spouse. We’ve lived abroad for sabbaticals in the past, and while we aren’t looking to retire too soon, having the option of moving to Europe is very valuable to us. We would also like to give the gift of European residency/citizenship to our children, in case their future careers move in that direction.


:wave: I’m Laura. I grew up in California and have lived in Europe almost five years total at various times. I was on the path to residency in London when I decided to come back to the States for various reasons. Now I’m in Austin, TX thinking of finding my way back. I still have some years to earn enough :money_with_wings: to feel comfortable retiring. I’m doing quick and heavy research on getting a real estate GV by end of 2021… I need to move asap, clearly .I’m open to any and all advice and resources. I am single, play lots of :tennis:, love to travel, have two :dog2:, and only read :books: now on Audiotape :frowning:. I’m loving Portugal’s vax rate! :mask: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi all! I’m Aaron. My work as an open-source software developer over the last seven years has taken me from my home country of :canada: Canada to France :fr: , the US :us: , and India :india: for extended periods with many shorter trips across the Schengen zone in between. My spouse’s work requires access to a laboratory :woman_scientist: , so figuring out how to earn income regardless of our physical location allows us both to enjoy fulfilling careers. I’m a native English speaker with a working knowledge of French. I’m actively learning Hindi and I can manage very basic interactions in German and Spanish.

I love renting bicycles :biking_man: in new cities as I get to see what they have to offer beyond the tourist-heavy zones, but I’ve avoided non-essential travel for the duration of the pandemic. There’s a lot of societal status-quo that I don’t agree with, so I’d prefer life didn’t “go back to normal”, but I’m looking forward to when mask-free interaction becomes safe again. :train2:


Hi guys! I’m Priyanka, I’m currently a student studying (Computer Science and Cognitive Science) and am originally from Indonesia and Malaysia but I’ve grown up my whole life as a sort of nomad. Thanks to my parent’s work I’ve been able to live in 8 countries spanning from South America, Europe, Asia and now am in Toronto, Canada :canada: :slight_smile:. Am in the process of obtaining my Golden Visa in Portugal in order to get the passport in 5 years, so it’s great to have a community that’s going through the same process. So happy to be here! :heart:

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