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Hi, my name is Kal Deutsch, from the San Francisco Bay Area. We are interested in getting a property in Portugal as part of the Gold Visa program. Mainly focused on Porto. Have begun to research neighborhoods, but still learning. Our main focus right now is finding a real estate agent we trust.

Hello Everyone,
Kathryn from the US here, planning on relocating to the Azores with 3 dogs and my long time friend with his 2 cats. We will be traveling there soon and are looking at 3 of the islands to purchase separate homes near to each other as we are in our 60s and retired. Looking for peace and tranquility away from the rest of this crazy world. Looking forward to new lives and making new friends in the beautiful islands. hugs:

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Hi!! Greetings from the heart of Southamerica!!!
This is Carlos from Paraguay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
A very hot country (temps reach 41 Celsius on summer) :joy:, but with very nice people.
Got a small family with one little girl (5 yrs), my wife and my grown up boy (19).
Its great to be here.
We love to go to the beach on vacation!!


Hello, everyone,
This is Ramit. I am from India, professionally qualified as an architect. Like to travel and have a good time. Am here basically because I wanted to explore the possibilities offered by the e-Residency visa program by Estonia. Hope to find something good, and do something memorable. Will keep you guys posted.

This is Roger. My wife Susan and I live in Austin, TX and hope to retire in Europe with a base in Portugal. We are interested in the Portugal GV by Fund investment program.

Hello All,
I just discovered this community, and I think it is fantastic!
This is Valerio, I was born in Italy, but after traveling the world and living in several countries, given the current dictatorial trend of the world, I am looking forward to be able to finish a lengthy and difficult refitting of a sailing boat, to move in it and live on board, becoming a truly nomadic being.
Best regards and infinite blessings to all nomads and wannabes