Introduce yourself! πŸ‘‹

Hi I am KYU from Thailand :slight_smile:

Food addicted, football lover, Nature enthusiastic

I’ve been travelling to explore the world in more than 50+ countries

Here are my fav places :slight_smile:

  • LA
  • Porto
  • SF
  • Vienna
  • Bangkok

now I’m exploring the Golden visa Portugal

if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to text me k?

See ya around!

Hi All, great to join your community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m Richard Vall. My primary occupation - lawyer. Hobby - kite surfing, travelling and blogging. I live in Vilnius (Lithuania).

Hey everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to connect with you - I’m Ali, currently in France. Favourite places are anywhere quiet, surrounded by trees or anywhere where there’s water as I love paddle boarding and kayaking :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi everyone!

I’m James and I’m an entertainment host aboard carnival cruise line. Moving forward in my career I will be traveling on my vacations so it’ll be nice being a part of this community. Basically I’ll be a nomad whenever I’m not working on ships!

Looking forward to the discussions :grin:

Hi, my name is Renat.
I am from Russia, but I have lived in Thailand for the last 10 years.
I’ve been working as a web developer for more than 10 years, now it’s mostly Ruby, JavaScript stack, but I’m looking around and trying all new technologies.
I plan to start a few IT projects and a few training courses.

Looking forward Nomadgate!

Hello all. My name is Randeep and currently residing in Washington DC. Planning to move to Europe (Portugal most likely) in the next t years or so. Would love to just have a PT job to be connected and be part/contribute to the community.
Also, thank you guys for all the help that y’all provide. Really appreciated!

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Greetings! Excited to join the Nomadgate group. My wife and I are planning to retire to Portugal. Very excited about this next stage in our lives. One spot that has our eyes at the moment is Tavira, anyone with any experience there? Regardless of where we end up we are looking for a little adventure in life while we can still get it.

Looking forward to connecting.

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Hi guys,

Glad to join your community. I am a drilling engineer retired from Chevron International in 2016. Since then I learned Swift, developed a few apps for IOS and decided that stock market trading and investing is more fun for me than coding. Stock market was more like hobby for me during the last 15 years and I read a lot about various investing technics. Company stock research is not only fun but also keeps me up to date on world events plus helps me for living. By the way, I live in St. Peterburg, Russia at the moment and plan go to Portugal if everything goes right next year or so. :wink:

Thanks for your welcome message.


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Hi hi! So glad that this site/forum exists! My partner and I will be working on the Golden Visa for Portugal this year. The resources here are so helpful. We would also love to connect with others who are going through the process!

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I’d like to get my family the flexibility of an EU passport, but we don’t have the funds to do so yet. Early stage learning about the process. I’m leaning towards a commercial property in Lisbon that needs renovation or an investment fund.

So many questions, but I’m taking this super seriously.

Impressive :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, my name is Sandra, and I have recently moved to Malta to pursue my passion for diving - I found Nomadgate when googling options for my residency application today - very helpful article, by the way, thanks for that!!
I just lived in Berlin for 15 years and am ready for warmer weather and milder climate - since I have now a remote job, I am attempting to live the dream and be by the ocean.
:ocean: I am currently pursuing my dive master training here in Malta :ocean:
As a diver I am actually planning on travelling a lot in the near future, so I liked the idea of meeting like minded spirits and being able to exchange experiences.
Thanks for this lovely space! :pray:

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Hello all!

My name is Chandra. I am Brazilian and Portugues, and I am currently living in Portugal.
I am Project Manager & Marketing - being freelance for 2 years from now.

My fav cities are:
Rio de Janeiro

I love to practice yoga in my free time, go to the beach (why I am still in Lisbon) and enjoy good food.


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Hello, I am Nataliya currently live in Toronto. Love travelling, seeing new places, enjoy the nature, hiking. In my spare time I work on my paintings. Often getting inspired by travelling. In a few years planning to retire and considering Portugal. After a few times visiting Azores we started thinking of getting some property there. Seems like lots of choices and it makes us more curious.