Investment in a company for GV program in Portugal

Hello. Im new at this group and I’m looking for a lawyer to do a due diligence to my business in Portugal to see if qualifies for GV investments.
Do someone have a contact of a experienced lawyer to recommend for this?
thank you in advance


I 've recommended our lawyer to a Canadian friend for the same purpose. This lawyer was working for Mercan’s developments in the past so I believe she is very reliable. I’ll DM you her contact.

I am not a lawyer but my advice is to avoid this program like the plague.

the program still allows,a nd it will, someone creating a business and get foreign investment with an exchange of a european residency.
Smart move to make your business grow

If you are starting a business anyway its not a bad idea to consider getting a residence in exchange for it.

To @ohbee’s point, starting a business is Portugal is a challenge. If you need proof watch this video and you might reach out to this guy for some mentoring: (3) From Worldwide Expat to Migrant in Portugal, It’s Not Been Easy - YouTube

The D2 program is perhaps fine but maybe it’s not. A lot of changes with SEF and uncertainty in the program.

We are talking about building a business for other GV clients to invest and not incorporating a company to get a permit.

I understand now. I would suggest to use one of the large firms in Lisbon for this, such as CCA as they probably have more experience working with firms such as Lince Capital in this space (meaning that they have experience with golden visa qualificaiton and certification). If it were me, I would wait to finalize anything until the regulations are in place which could be several months. I don’t think SEF even knows what it is looking for so until there are regulations in place for the new law, you are not going to know how to structure your business or which regulators will need to approve it.

Thank you for your feedback.
The new law is not changing all the GV categories of . The category for investing in portuguese enterprises keeps the same. I’ve already engaged a lawyer - Carla Gameiro - here recommended and I feel confortable with that decision. She was developing several projects for different developers in portugal.
Anyway, I really appreciate your reply